• you are killing me
  • Arf arf arf.... In fact, I have done so myself. Have done that with rabbits as well - hunted 'em, killed 'em, skinned and gutted and cooked 'em. For some reason, they taste better when you've done all that work yourself!
  • If I HAD to, yes I could. I have cooked chickens that my husband has killed, and if it came down to it, I could probably do the killing part too.
  • LOL ....Good Question! I could and would not do it. As much as I dislike veggies....I would learn to like them:(
  • I have just finished reading Michael Pollan's "the Omnivore Dilemma" where he discusses this amongst other things--a great deal about how far we have removed ourselves from the actual killing of our meat..It is now just a commodity picked up in a supermarket that bears little resemblance to an animal.. He had a great deal of trouble doing it..and I don't think I could kill gut and butcher an animal and then eat it (but I don't eat meat now anyway).
  • No, I really don't think I could.
  • Of course I could. I have hunted many times and killed much bigger then a chicken. As a matter of fact I remember plucking my own turkeys for thanksgiving.
  • If I had to yes I could!
  • haah, yes I could do it... you see I grew up on a ranch, so that wouldn't be anything new to me :) It's still disgusting to me, but I could do it.
  • Not unless it was a choice between that, starvation, and cannibalism.
  • Yes because I absolutely love chicken..Mmmm. It's simple. Just cut the head off, soak it to get the feathers off, then remove the guts and peripheries and then you cook her. I'm excited thinking about some delicious chicken. Nothing foul about preparing some fowl. I worked in a deli for many years so I am used to bloody chicken bodies. I would feel bad about slaughtering a mammal though and that's why I don't eat them. I eat chicken and fish because I know I could slaughter them for my table so I feel morally justified in my food choices. They're funny looking animals anyway. You feel me on this one?
  • If I had to I would, but I wouldn't be liking it...Ew...
  • My husband and I have raised a lot of our own meat. I do help out in the butchering though I haven't actually directly killed our animals. I think if I had to I could do it. And even though I love chickens, the ones we raise to eat are just that...meat chickens. They don't live very long with their big muscles and huge weight to bone ratio. It is a kindness to butcher them. It's not all that hard when you are prepared and do it in a clean sanitary way with good tools. It's not like you're wrenching their necks and making it all goring. That's all TV and movies. It can be done very calmly and civilly with as much 'kindness' and rspect as possible.
  • yes, its not really that hard, all you have to do is snap their necks. Chickens are pretty stupid when they get panicked, and will sometimes take care of the killing themselves. As for prepairing a chicken, that's not hard either....
  • I've never done it, but with the proper guidance and the right know-how, I'd be willing to give it a try. It would probably gross me out pretty well, but if the circumstances dictated, absolutely.
  • Absolutely! Like above, I grew up on a ranch. I have dispatched a great many critters.Chickens,Rabbits,Bullfrogs(yes, frog legs),Pigs,steers,Deer,Ducks,Dove,Quail,Pheasant,Fish oh yeah, and lamb. You get used to it real quick once you start. And knowing that you are feeding your family helps.
  • i would definitaly be too chicken to kill a chicken. or any other animal. love to eat em. couldnt kill em myself.
  • I could. I would probably eat less meat because it would be to much trouble if I had to do it all the time, but I would have no problem killing the meat that I did eat. Humans have been doing it that way for a lot longer then we haven't been.
  • My honours degree was in zoology. I dissected many different kinds of animals as practical work in my courses in comparative anatomy. It was a requirement of the course. I didn't enjoy it, but it did teach me how to dismember animals for the table. It means that under the right circumstances I could prepare poultry. A friend of mine used to supply me with pheasants he had shot. I always argued with him about the morality of killing things for fun; and by eating the victims, at least they did not die entirely in vain, and besides, after being properly hung and butchered they were delicious when cooked. I shouldn't have minded if he had stopped shooting when he had killed enough for the pot, but he would carry on and on. In principle, I don't mind preparing a newly killed chicken for the table. In practice, plucking is a real pain. However careful you are feathers get everywhere. The rest of the business requires a bit of care, but it's a simple enough process. I have had to kill a chicken only once I didn't like having to do it. I have sometimes thought about what skills I could make use of if society collapsed to barbarism. I could be an effective butcher, and in those circumstances I would have to learn to put aside my squeamish scruples.
  • No, I wouldn't. My friend pointed this out when she said "If they didn't have meat at the grocery store, 90 percent of us would be vegetarian." +5

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