• It's all who you know and M-O-N-E-Y.
  • Like everything else W 'achieved' prior to being appointed President, he got into Yale because his Daddy is George H.W. Bush and his Grandpa is Senator Prescott Bush. He was a 'legacy' admission (otherwise known as affirmative action for the wealthy and privileged). And, of course, based on the solid "gentleman's C" average that he 'achieved' at Yale, he later was admitted to Harvard Business School. Is it any wonder he can't seem to spit out a straight sentence? . . .
  • Because of dad!! Being a legacy at Yale has its advantages -- When George Walker Bush was admitted to Yale in 1964, it was through an affirmative action program for children of alumni - called a 'legacy’ system. Dad (1948) and Grand daddy (1917) where Yalies, and at that time being a child of an alumnus got you in. Later, in 1973, trading as usual on his father's connections, George W. Bush entered Harvard for a two-year program -- His former Harvard Business School professor, Yoshi Tsurumi, recalls him not just as a terrible student but as spoiled, loutish and a pathological liar -- Tsurumi, in a on-camera interview, told CNN that Bush confided in him during an after-class hallway conversation, Bush proudly admitted that to avoid the Vietnam draft, he had 'Dad's friends' skip him through the long waiting list to get him into the 'Texas National Guard' George Walker Bush, who earned a Bachelor's degree with a major in History, has long described himself as a 'C student.' -- And yet, years later he was President of the United States Of America.
  • Not because he deserved it. He snuck into Yale on a legacy admission, a courtesy to his father and grandfather. He was a remedial student at best, awarded a bevy of Cs, the lowest score possible for the legacy cohort.
  • Daddy had to make a few calls.
  • I'm not going to say Bush's connections didn't help him get in. But he sure ain't the only one. One could say the same thing about John Kerry - his score was 1190.
  • Big money will get you everywhere
  • Two words: Daddy's Money.

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