• "Fuggetaboutit"
  • When I was growing up in Western NY, I recall the phrase 'or what?' being used as a common tag to the end of a sentence.
  • oh god. too many to mention. 'mental' is when something surprising happens, something good.....actually or something bad. depends on the tone of voice. 'bam' means arrogance, e.g 'bamming off' is talking about yourself. 'ken' - that's to know something. seriously, there's loads.
  • In hindi (India)it is said "chit bhi meri pat bhi meri anta mere baap ka"- It means if it is head it is mine,if it is tail even then it is mine & if coin stands (does not fall to any side- anta) then its of my father`s (baap ka).This phrase is used when anybody gets unfair in a deal.
  • Well, my roots are Eastern Kentucky, Appalachian country and they have their own dialect in the mountains, for sure. "A little piece" or "a fer piece" indicates distance, such as "It's just a little piece up the road" or it's a "fer piece up the road" (a long way). Quare Do(s) or Quare doins, means Queer goings on, or something odd taking place 'pon monner' means Upon my honor, or I swear. 'whaddamadie" means 'if I should have to die' or 'upon my life' Those two are often used together. "Pon monner, whaadamadie" Sort of a mountain "cross my heart and hope to die" There are so many mountain expressions that are so funny. I could listen to my country cousins talk all day long. I wish I could remember more. In Southern Ohio, people say 'Please?' for 'I didn't hear you, could you repeat?'
  • Yinz, used for plural of "you", is popular here... I don't use it though. Using an "S" in place of the word "East" is also popular here... for example. In the section of the city called East Liberty, Pittsburghers will refer to it as S'liberty... The "ow" sound is also replaced with an "ah" sound. So instead of saying "town" it sounds like "tahn". So, downtown would be dahntahn... "Jaggin'" is used for "joking" or "irritating". Example, Stop jaggin' me! or Stop jaggin' around! Also the word "Jag" can be used to replace "Jack" or "Jerk". Such as... You're a jag off! or He's a jag ass! "Anat" is used to replace the words "and that". The "r" sound is added in words where there is no "r". Example... I need to "warsh" clothes today. We should "warsh" our cars today. The White House is in "Warsh"ington D.C. "Da" is almost always used to replace "the". "Did" and "you" are combined when speaking into "didya" or the plural form "didyinz". "Didyinz" eat yet? Rubber bands are called "gumbands". Kennywood Park is the largest amusement park in Western Pennsylvania. However, the phrase "Kennywood's open!" means that your zipper is down. Bologna is called "Jumbo". Underwear is called "Gutchies". A creek is called a "crick". Spaghetti is called "Sketti". I admit that I am guilty of some of these, but not all! lol
  • wher yat? top shelf.howz ya mamanem? good, we gonna make groceries! jew see da game? hell ya geaux doubt if youre not from louisiana heres your translation: how are you today? very well.and your family is well also? yes,we are all having supper together later.did you by chance watch the college football game? why yes i did . i am a LSU fan.i am also..
  • To directly solve your red ass problem, we in Misery (I mean Missouri). Would "send youns up ta Walgreents fer some red ass salve". It'll fix ya up good. Some I've heard locally are: "Head swoll up like a bastard tomcat" (a hangover) "Has enough hunnert dollar bills to burn up a wet horse" (reeeeeeeaaaally rich person -- That's a lot of 100 dollar bills) "I'm gonna get a mad on, here in a minnit" (getting ticked off) "I got a yard full of di@#, a wheelbarrow full of balls, and enough hair on my ass to weave an Indian rug... Who you callin' boy?" ('cause everone likes to call you "boy" round here) "I'll be on you quicker'n a duck on a junebug". (you can take that one of two ways - either your gonna get your ass whupped, or you are going to be - let's say---- nibbled on provacatively). (If it's this duck, you can pretty much assume the latter is the case)
  • Cuter'n a Speckled puppy. Slicker'n owl shit. Slippery as snot on a doorknob. Hornier'n a two-peckered billy goat. Busier'n a cat with the squirts coverin' up shit. He's tree lizard. (stoned, as in higher than a tree lizard) Got tore plumb down (got very drunk)
  • LOL These were all such good answers! OK, I live in Italy and there are LOTS of sayings and proverbs, but this has always been my favourite: "Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma soia". translation: "Even a cockroach looks beautiful to his own mother" It's Neapolitan meaning that when your biased, even the worst situation is going to look good in your eyes. Love it!
  • In the East Staffordshire Derbyshire area of England we used the phrase "Got a bag on" (as in "having a sulk") the word "mardy" (being sulky and unreasonable) and "nesh" (the condition of being particularly susceptible to cold weather.)
  • Here's a list of Baltimore-isms (Bawlamarese), or words and phrases unique to residents of Batimore Maryland.
  • Texan = over yonder ways = somewhere over there, somewhere down the road, whatever. Hi, Ya'll, one word = Hiyall. Supper is always the last meal of the day. Rode hard and hung-up wet. (usually about a straggly-looking woman/whore) Many more . . . gotta go feed the cows now. Tex Wrecker
  • im from north wales but live in ireland and i would love to remember phrases from back home. its hard to know when you live there cause it all seems like the norm. could say loads of irish phrases but none from north wales. anyone help?
  • We say the same thing in New Hampshire. "It gives me a case of the red ass" +5
  • I get my check tomorrow.
  • We have plenty of unique words and phrases where I come from, idne. We're a dictionary unto ourselves around here. I have a different meaning for "He gives me the red ass" though. Lol:)
  • Lets go down the crick (creek). Don't leave the "spicket" on or you will waste precious "wooder" (water) I'll have a hoagie for lunch. On second thought a Zep may be better. Take a train to Philly to see the Mummers Parade. Off to the State Store for some blackberry brandy. Then to the Jersey Shore for vacation. Time to kick off my boondockers and go to bed : )
  • F.. this F.. that
  • These are great. In California you may have heard that we begin the numbers of freeways with "the". We might say, "You take the 5 south then get on the 405 north, and then take the 55 south.
  • You got spanked.

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