• Probably not - it may be helping to stop them starve. It is not as simple as many people think to apply our own rules and standards to other parts of the world.
  • Though it's hard to embrace, I think Hairwatcher has a point. Deny them the work, and you may be denying them the chance to eat.
  • I think I would give them the opportunity to correct the situation, and if further investigations indicate that things have not improved or they are found of further violations then I would stop.
  • It sounds like the retailer is the one who told you about it, so it isn't their fault directly. I might stop buying that manufacturers stuff though. I tend to try and buy stuff not made in China or the third world countries, but it is difficult nowadays. You know if it is made in the US that most likely the manufacturing is legit.
  • On one hand I think no that is wrong.but on the other hand is this keeping that 10 year old child from otherwise starving?I see the documentaries of some of the kids starving in these third world countries, to me having work and food is a much better choice.

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