• Yeah I'm one of those. Depressing people get on my nerves. The whole woah is me thing drives me crazy. You have to keep fighting. Things will get better if you work toward it. If you're down all the time bad things will continue to happen because you have the wrong outlook on life. And it brings others down with you, even some of the most upbeat people.
  • I really dont think anyone ever sees just roses and rainbows all the time. Life is a lot of highs and lows a person has to keep things in perspective. If things seem to awful at the moment turn your attention to something else and things will seem brighter and build on that.
  • Depression can bring feelings of denial and shame in those who are suffering, so it's important to realize that your loved one can't just "snap out of it." The first step is to realize that depression is a medical condition. Be the best person you can be for them, they need connection. If you're busy being polite, it won't go well.
  • I can admit that I start ignoring them when I've given them all the advice I can and they do nothing with it. If they attempt to help themselves, then I'm here for them to lean on. If they give up, or just become sympathy whores and would rather whine to me than do everything they can to get back on track, then yeah, I get fed up. Depression is legit, and sometimes things really ARE as bad as people say they are, but the majority of the time you can rise above it.
  • I think maybe you dont understand what depression is. Being depressed means I see the roses, but can only think about how they're gonna die. I see the rainbow, but it only means its raining. Ignoring depressed people is the easy option, I'll grant you. But what does that say about you as a friend/ human being? Surely its better to help them see the beauty in the roses.
  • Sorry but reading some of these answers I think its ashame certain peoples attitudes! As someone who suffers at the moment i know i cant help how I feel so if i get advise sometimes i listen but cant accept it but im getting there! the person doesnt choose to be depressed it ISNT something you can just shrug off!
  • yes. everyone should. you see, people these days pay too much attention to their feeling and DMS IV which define feelings of mourning and saddness as depression. everyone can get sad and sometimes even for months, but there worst thing is to give into it and say now i am depressed and no one understands me. try going to the gym regularly, eat better foods, find better friends, find a hobby, go for regular walks, be active in the community, the list is endless...but do not brood about it. do not sit infront of that deadly TV, computer monitor all day, eating foods composed of mostly sugar. sometimes getting on a regular sleeping cycle can fix it all! but do not believe me, what do i know, after all i am not a psychiatrist pushing antidepressant on you or charging you 100 bucks for some introspectic self evaluation that leads to more problems than good.
  • Not really... Depression can be treated in various ways depending on the specific cause, but there is some truth is the statement that how we feel about life is not about what happens to us in life, but rather what we tell ourselves about what happened."

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