• Maybe. Laws differ from place to place.
  • No. A paedo is attracted to prepubesent children.
  • Dont know for sure but my guess would be yes.
  • my guess would be yes because we arent really labeled as adults until we are at least 18 years of age no matter how mature we may be for our age
  • This would be a crime but I don't believe it is pedophilia.
  • no, purely because at the age of 15, the girl is attracted to the boy, and so its her desicion to send the pictures, my opinion of a peadophile is someone who does or looks at sexual images against the girls will, or without the girl knowing, or also if the girl hasnt hit puberty, or shows no signs of a young adult, i feel though and iv seen that girls should be allowed to have a relationship with over 18s, because they know what they're doing, and they want to do it, and by the age of 15, i know its against the law to have sex, but at that age most girls if not all girls are fully developed, but basically what im saying is, there shouldnt be any judgements against these people, because in some countries arent they entitled to get married at 13 or something? but anyway, im 16, just 16 yesterday, so thats my opinion
  • I don't see how merely looking would be a crime. Suppose the boy were looking at pictures of naked females, and one or more of the females were fifteen, or even younger. How could he know? Or even if he knew, what harm has he done? Suppose he's surfing the internet and comes across naked juveniles? Suppose a friend hands a picture of a naked young girl to the boy, "Heyyyy, lookee here!" If you surf the net, eventually you'll come across porn of some kind. Unless he's a peeping Tom, I don't see how merely looking could be a crime.
  • According to my psychology 101 class, a pedophile is classified as someone who is attracted to people who are 13 years or younger.
  • Are you crazy? A 19 y/o senior in a high school likes a 15 y/o sophomore, so he's a criminal pedophile? Hell, they might wind up getting married and having a family. But NO, Big Brother government has to tell them and YOU what is right and wrong. And the ONLY thing public schools give a rat's ass about is covering their own legal ass. What is really right and helpful for kids is a very secondary consideration. I know, I've been there for 40 years. My deepest conviction is that only people who are too stupid, too poor, or are genuinely uncaring about their own children, send their kids to a public school. "Well, I pays my taxes for the.." Yeah, but do you want to buy steak for your children, or do you want to send them in for free government cheese? That's what I think of the public school I work in, a government cheese factory. So, for that poor kid who let light rays bounce off that picture into his eyes (WHAT A CRIME!), what kind of assholes do you have for parents who put you in that position in the 1st place? Nice talking to you, idiots.
  • Well, 19yos are typically believed to be "adults". 15yo girls are NOT believed to be adults, but children. Therefore, while not that much of an age difference, I would say, "yes". In fact, wasn't that on a crime show recently, where a now-over-21yo who still had to register as a sex offender because he had either had sex with, or had "child pornography" of a 14 or 15yo girl? BTW: See . Many of the kids who are involved may be charged with pedophilia, because they had a cell-phone movie of a 14 and 15yo having sex. You may also wish to read the following: "A 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl is facing child pornography charges for sending nude photos of herself to other kids. A 19-year-old Florida man got thrown out of college and has to register as a sex offender for 25 years because he sent nude pictures of his girlfriend to other teens." "Sending and receiving nude or even semi-nude images of someone underage is a felony, no matter the age of the person who sent it." To me, those quotes mean even HAVING pictures of a 15yo will get you into trouble if you're an adult.
  • Looking at photographs is not a crime, taking, selling or posting them on the internet is. As far as paedophilia is concerned, only in this depraved country of ours would such a question even be asked. 19 year old boys have been marrying 15 years girls for thousands of years, much less looking at their photographs. Trust me, when it comes to common sense, Americans are on the low end of the dipstick.
  • depends on if hes acting on it
  • Most likely, yes. And if caught he would have to register as a sex offender and in many places there is no process for getting off this list. It will follow him the rest of his life, unless there are changes in the law.
  • Yes it's illegal and he is committing a crime if he is age 19 and she is age 15
  • Yes, because he is an adult and she is a minor.
  • Who's allowing this 15 year old girl to put naked pictures of herself out there, where are her parents?
  • He can be arrested and charged as a pedophile.

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