• Not all Wood Paneling is created EQUALLY! There is poor quality, cheaply made wood paneling; and then there is top of the line, beautiful wood paneling that is made from PLANKS of actual solid wood! It can be very beautiful..knotty pine for a somewhat rustic look...such as you might choose to use in a cabin type retreat..where you want wood covered walls, but do not want the actual logs of a real cabin want the walls to be perfectly "flat." Or, elegant wainscoting used in a formal dining room or a library room. Even the more inexpensive, thin Wood Paneling can be made more attractive. OUT is the old dark, gloomy it comes in lighter tones, or can be updated with a good scuff up, a coat of good Primer and a tinted "wash" of paint that is almost transparent. You get the coverage of the dark, but it allows the wood grain to show thought..often a "milk wash paint" is used for this effect. Some of these effects are very pretty, brightening and allow that "tired old" Paneling to take a new and improved lease on life!
  • If it didn't, my house wouldn't still look like it did when it was built in the late 70's! lol (I can't wait to rip it out and's all liquid nailed to the damn walls!) There's some wood paneling that is still nice, though. You just can't have it covering all of every wall! I love white wainscotting (sp?) along the bottom half of a wall with bright, light colored paint above and flowing sheer curtains. Or, I'd love to have a huge old house with centuries old wood paneling...the beautiful dark stuff you see in old mansions!
  • We applied paneling (light and fresh) to our ceilings w/ wood beams. Slightly elevated/semi-Cathedral. Removed the popcorn ceilings altogether and it really made a difference!!! An early 80's home that has gone California Lodge meets a beachy casualness.

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