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  • This is a tough question. Many women want the same thing, in the beginning. The hard part is if you genuinely like each other. Friends with benefits is great, but someone always gets hurt. Either you fall for her or she falls for you. Keep this in mind, it will always end up this way if you spend a lot of time together.
  • why count your chickens before they hatch? you only live once. and there is hardly such a thing. eventually you will be just two 'friends' that are together a lot, have the same interests, know what the other really likes and how they like it, and having sex with each other. hmmm, sounds like you are a guy who has been scorned that is now too insecure to admit he is just scared of going through the same thing again and subconsciously really wants a very, very slow moving relationship. just go with the flow and don't talk about marriage at all. if u meet someone, test the waters and then if they seem right, tell them you want to take things slow. if you end up being too slow, they might just move on anyway
  • Are you opposed to marriage itself or commitment? The two are not the same thing. There are a lot of women who don't see marriage as the end all, be all. What they may want is a partner who is committed to them, a steady date, if you will. To discover what you have in common with a woman and what interests you may share - and to truly have great sex - it does help to get to know the woman a bit.
  • I have more respect for myself than to have a "friend" with benefits.
  • FWB is a good type of relationship, serving both partners in a manner that places no pressures, but lots of pleasures. In passing, I want to mention that although the American Divorce Rate is very high, divorces are concentrated within a certain group of people. In other words, the same people get divorced over and over. They fail to learn the basics of marriage. If I stay married to one man for a life time, I am counted only once. But if I have two divorces I am counted twice. So, the divorce rate seems higher than it actually is.
  • Canadian Girl has got it. Someone always gets hurt in FWB relationships. It always seems like one or the other falls harder. I know that in a personal situation- after the L word was said i told him we would have to stop seeing each other if that is how he felt cause that wasnt where I was at and didnt want him to get hurt. We ended up seeing each other again, after a month- we were in the FWB relationship for a few months- then I started to have some feelings creeping up. We didnt see each other for a month and then saw each other last night for the first time- there is no way around it, someone is going to hurt again because we are seeing each other. Why not give in and just start a relationship? Cause it just isnt there!
  • Then that's called a friend. Not a friend with benefits. No kissy, no huggy, no snuggling, no holding hands. That is a friend. You don't have sex with your friends. You said you didn't want to get married. You didn't say you didn't want a girlfriend. What's wrong with just having a girlfriend as opposed to FWB? There are plenty of women in your same situation who want a boyfriend, but don't want to marry. It sounds to me like you DO want commitment, just not marraige. There's nothing wrong with that. BTW, are you my ex boyfriend by chance?
  • Not to worry homie, I tell women the exact same thing and guess what...they repect the honesty and I get A LOT of play. I tell them that I'm scared to death of comittment and I don't like the rules, regulations and restrictions of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. So stay true to what you believe in and you should be able to get exactly what you want. So be straight with them and you'll be fine.

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