• It would only need happen once. Personal belongings such as pictures, diplomas, clothing, etc. would be hard to replace. And after the numerous times this has happened in the past, I'm not sure why they keep staying.
  • Yeah, that is weird. I guess rich people just like being next to other rich people, and that's where they decide to live. I think they should just collectively move elsewhere, maybe someplace peaceful like Albuquerque or Oregon.
  • I lived in Malibu many years ago and there are plenty of very old homes there. I used to live in one area that until just a few years ago had never been close to a fire. I don't think it's beautiful anymore, just crowded and full of, well, the overly rich. Unfortunately I still have family there who still think it's nice. They only make so much beach front property, they re always telling me. My husband's father was a fire captain in Malibu in the 50s and 60s and he hated seeing all the people who built up those narrow canyons, but they insist open all living together in one rich enclave. It's the chaparral that is so dangerous. And it's been a drought year. I believe this time, so far, only 8-10 homes have burned down. That's not bad for an area that has so many people. It's southern CA that is in real danger, over 1300 homes burned. And so many people won horses and other animals. It's is a very horsey community. They are the ones that are in real danger. Plus there are solid houses from LA to SD. It's like one huge sprawl. Where would you have all those people live? How do you say all those people in the burned 650 mile area should have knwn better and lived somewhere safer?
  • i live in sheffield england n its freezin so i fink it wud b nice :P
  • I lived in southern California, which some people seem to feel is some sort of paradise. However, given the earthquakes (we experienced regular temblors), wildfires, and monsoon-like rains that resulted in mudslides in the canyons, I couldn't imagine staying there. My husband actually worked in Malibu, and yes, it's lovely, but we felt no desire to stay in the area.

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