• Actually it was both the cause and the problem if that's even possible. Not having it makes a person look like sort of a slacker and having too much of it brings out all kinds of cockroaches or should I say the bad element.
  • My challenges do not relate to finances at this stage, but rather issues of existentialism, meaning, finding balance, getting along with difficult people and so forth. Granted, I have to learn to work better with money matters, but at the moment being happy with myself seems more important.
  • It would be my solution, if I had it.
  • As the saying goes; "Money is the root of all evil." And they say that; "Money doesn't buy you happines." However, I just want enough money to live a comfortable life, be able to pay my bills without strictly budgeting and to travel around some.
  • I don't have any problems.
  • neither one or the other, it's all up to how well i handle things.

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