• Not every book is a novel.
  • 2-19-2017 A long time ago there were only plays, and they were either comedies (the hero lives) or tragedies (the hero dies). Then some people began writing stories with a happy ending. The style was called novella historia, "new story", and because this was mostly in countries where they spoke some variation of Latin, it was also called romance. A book is anything written. For a long time that meant scrolls made of leather or reeds glued together. Paper pages bound with a cover is a relatively new invention.
  • 'Book' is one category, and 'novel' would be a sub-category of book. There's many different types of books, including novels, textbooks, picture books, novellas, and chapter books. Hope this helps!
  • A book is just a bound manuscript. It can include any kind of content. A novel is always a fictional story.
  • depends on what the book is

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