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  • The man has been preselected by another woman (his wife) which makes him desirable.
  • I imagine that, in some cases, they are probably not looking for a long term relationship and if a guy is already married, he won't be either. And in other cases they just want what someone else has.
  • C H A L L E N G E .. I am sure this is a big reason. Wanting what you cannot have and gaining it.. some type of victory thing... this points to a low self esteem if you ask me. He represents stability and the image of a family man which a lot of women want and possibly cannot find so they take from another for their gain. A lot of hardworking, stable and handsome men are married and some women have no regard or respect for their own gender. They would not want it done to them but have no qualms about doing it for personal gain.
  • I think these women are just horny and want a guy that isn't going to chase them that much. They don't have to worry about a married man monopolizing their life.
  • probably because they can have a man whos more experienced with sex.
  • a lot of men pretend to be "separated". or in other words, tell a woman what she wants to hear. I don't believe too many women pursue happily married men, but maybe just not anyone I know. Maybe I'm naive. ButI've known women who dated men who were "separated" Yet their wives had no idea...
  • C'mon. We woman always want what we can't have.
  • No strings. The thrill of the chance.
  • Because they are afraid of committment. The get gifts and benefits of being the other woman but still have their freedom.
  • Because they have a need to take another person's man. Extremely low self-esteem and generally live off of others.

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