• I love shopping but i hate being around lots of shy in person and when someone greets me at the door i say
  • I absolutely hate shopping. I feel guilty spending money on stupid things when people are living in poverty and starving. If its clothes shopping I hate it, because I'm definitely not a size 2 and I'm really short, so it makes things "difficult" and it's a hassle trying everything on.
  • Only since I've been able to shop online have I liked shopping. I hate driving to the mall, trying to find a place to park, walking from the parking lot to the store, trying to find the store I need once I get in the mall, trying to find what I want once I'm in the store, waiting to pay for my purchase, lugging it back to the car, then trying to get out of the parking lot with getting hit or hitting another driver. What more is there to say? No, I don't like shopping. But I have gotten a slight addiction to it online. I have had to learn to control impulse buying on the web! I found that I DO like shopping after!
  • I don't care for it because it's boring.
  • Oh ...I just love shopping .... Why ? I thoroughly enjoy it :-)
  • I have no patience for clothes shopping, but point me toward a book store or electronic gadgets...could shop for hours.
  • No, no and no. Why? Because it's a waste of time wandering around aimlessly lookinging for something you think you might want. I get in and get out, buying only what I came for, and that includes food, Christmas, birthdays, VDay etc.
  • hate it, in and buy what i want and out again. period
  • It's best with someone else's money lol
  • yes very much so
  • hmmm...not just any kind of shopping...hate clothing shopping etc. i like grocery shopping :) i love to cook maybe thats why?
  • I hate shopping, if i know what i need, i go in, get it and get out.
  • Shopping is only a necessity and I do not like to shop. I haven't been to a mall for years. When I do shop, it's online and then that way, I don't have to do all of the running around to different stores and wearing myself out, fighting traffic and using gas. The only store that I browse in on occasions is Lowe's. But, even then, I have in mind what I'm looking for and get in and out as quick as possible.
  • I like to go shopping very much for it can bring me many funny! Some online shops such as,!
  • Me likey shopping a lot when the weather is good.
  • hate shopping of any kind except on the Internet and then I buy a load f things that are totally useless to me.
  • No I'm not a big shopper.
  • Generally dislike. I don't have much money and I usually see what I want and end up leaving without it because it costs too much! With clothes/shoes they never fit, because of my disabilities it's painful and exhausting besides I don't have a car so have to arrange a ride. Online is much simpler for me! I do like looking at yarn/ craft /art supplies, kitchen gadgets, hair accessories, etc. But I don't usually buy *much* lol
  • The only time I like shopping is when I have some waste money for holiday gifts,or just thoughtful occasions. Why? Because it is fun.

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