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  • Chuck. But it wasn't as good towards the end. That's usually the case and the reason for it being cancelled.
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    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for sharing your comment with us :)
    • Celifrog
      Aww ;-; I miss that too, wonder if it'll be temporary(like what happened with answerbag in 2016) or permanent shutdown lol.
  • throw salt in the wound, Hollyweird could not even be bothered to do a decent ending. Seems to be standard operating procedure for nearly all TV shows. Imagine a book author that left the last chapter of a novel blank, and flippantly said "Write you own ending, sucker!"
    • bostjan64
      I also liked that show until the end. It just seemed like the writers were in a huge hurry to kill off as many characters as possible without any good story behind it. At least there were a few good seasons prior to that.
    • Franco333
      ollyweird has a long history of that rot. Lost in Space was the first time I noticed it, but since then, there has been a long line of TV shows that either ended on a cliffhanger like Grimm, or with no attempt at any ending (like Lost In Space). The number of TV shows that actually had some sort of ending (good or bad) are few...right off hand, I can recall Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • Stumptown. It was good.
  • Pinky & the Brain, Shameless, There IS more but TV makes so very much so short on TV that it is just a disappointment overall.
    • Franco333
      Pinky & the Brain! Mighty Max. Kim Possible was fun. Saturday morning cartoons...another victim of leftist Hollyweird and the PC Police.
  • Anyone familiar with "The Job?" I think the comedy in the show was too dark for television, but I loved it. My favourite episode had a sideplot in which the detectives learn that a body they are investigating was moved into their jurisdiction by another precinct, and they respond by moving it back into the original area, and then it goes back and forth, because all of the detectives are too lazy to open an investigation. It's funny, but also kind of sad because it sounds like something that could totally happen these days.
  • Roblox Forums. I had so much fun trading limiteds on there on LMAD (lets make a deal subforum) like 5 years ago.
  • Downton Abbey was awesome ..then it finished aww lol
    • Victorine
      It wasn't "cancelled". It was always going to be a limited-run series. That's true of many British series, such as "The Crown". They come to a natural ending point.
  • #1 - Lost in Space (cancelled because the producer wouldn't agree to a budget cut - that is: cancelled despite being a successful show) . . . . #2 - Wild Wild West (cancelled because a Senator complained to the network that it was too violent - again: cancelled despite being a successful show) . . . . #3 - Star Trek (but at least it was cut for good reason, because it wasn't successful)
    • Charin Cross
      thanks for posting the reasons. I loved the Wild, Wild West. Dr. Loveless was the coolest villain!
      Yeah, the guy who played Dr. Loveless was a great actor in general. Loved his work in WWW.
  • Vinyl, with Rober Canavale on HBO. I was looking forward to a new favorite i.e. The Sopranos, Sex in the City, and it just ended, no second season. I was so po'd...
  • Lost In Space when I was young. Dukes of Hazzard when I was older (before the Hollywood commies sabotaged it from within). Guns of Paradise later still.
  • Rowan and Martins laugh in.

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