• Because they have no concept of geography. Everyone knows that Laos is in Africa, just east of Canada and north of Uraguay! Just kidding.
  • No, the answer is ABers give Laos no thought, sorry.
  • Some people don't think before they start bitching.
  • For the same reason that they think Scotland is in England - they have no idea of world geography. In fact many of them have little knowledge of the geography of their own country. This isn't specific to the people of any particular country, by the way.
  • Would i be correct in saying its in Vietnam?
  • i would say that those ABers don't think
  • Well, given the facts: It only established it's own freedom(from France) circa 1949. It's in Asia.... a large piece of Asia is the country, China. It is situated between Thailand and Vietnam.... which most people also associate with China. World History taught is generally limited and based on the country in which the school is situated and generally only includes countries conquered by that country, countries with which peace treaties have been signed, countries that have counquered that country and countries in which something occured causing substantial global impact.... Knowing where every country is by name would take a good bit of study... every couple of years you'd have to re-learn it.... it changes. If someone is from North America, people assume USA.... if they are from Europe, you'd assume England.... Africa (Do you know all the countries in Africa?) ... The first assumption of a persons location based upon continent can often lead to them thinking of the largest country on that continent... and they will associate everything in that continent with that country. Laos is new in the scheme of things.... perhaps one day it will be better known. No wonder laos leaves people scratching thier heads.....
  • Maybe because they don't realize that Indochina is not actually China. Laos is in Indochina.
  • personal experiences? When I was a child I saw my cousin pick up a 'ball' and run with it-2 seconds later that ball exploded and blew off both his arms at the elbow. It was one of the millions of cluster bombs that were dropped but never exploded. They were designed so about 25% didn't go off to make the land unfarmable for generations. Don't feel sorry for me-every Laotian has a similar story-it happened everytt day and still does
  • Because it is far away and our school system sucks at teaching anything.
  • Because no one knows everything.
  • I find several Answerbag users fear maps.
  • Because most of them are Americans from what I've seen, and most Americans don't know one country from another. In fact, they took a poll in a Californian high school in San Fransisco I think, and about 80% of them didn't know where the Pacific ocean was. I've found quite a few Americans to be... uneducated. But here's one American that knows where Laos is! It's just west of Vietnam, and just south of China... I know that WITHOUT looking at a map.
  • Laos is one of three countries that make up what used to be French Indo China. it is on the Mekong Delta in the same area as Vietnam and Cambodia. I will agree that a lot of people do not know anything about the Geography of South east Asia. They are trying very hard to build tourism and are receiving rave reviews.
  • I thought Chaos was in Lina?
  • As far as I am aware Laos borders Vietnam, and it's odd that many people would not realise this. Given Vietnam's turbulent past.
  • Because they did poorly in geography or are too young to be wary as to where the nations of the world lie yet.
  • Why so some ABers think anyone gives a crap about a comunist benjo like Cambodia? Do you think Cambodia is in the US?
  • Because they are geographically,culturally,and politically unaware of the world around them.
  • Laos? China? I have no idea, but I guess people make mistakes...or it's a common misconception. Like in America, China is half way across the world, but I think it's actually India or something like that.
  • Geography isn't the stong point of a lot of people these days. Actually, for most people, it isn't a point at all. Don't worry, I know that Laos is seperate from China. I also know that Laos is a very poor, land-locked country in South East Asia. See, I know stuff.
  • For the same reason many people have no idea where NH is.
  • I always thought it was a city in Cambodia.
  • Its not in China. Everyone know that its in Japan!
  • Maybe that's what it says now in wikipedia?

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