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  • No, that's ridiculous. I suppose its plausible that doing it repeatedly in certain positions might increase the size of the muscles in a certain area, but just having sex will have no affect on the size of your butt. I suspect someone is having you on there.
  • I had to go get the information myself to verify what you said because you gave me no information or facts just an opinion and i came up with some interesting FACTS. The buttocks are comprised of adipose tissue (fat cells). Essentially, exercising these paricular regions you can tighten or tone your butt. This will improve their shape and appearance which sometimes results as making the butt only look bigger, and there are plenty of exercise that will help you do this which are also in most cases sex positions. Not to say that if you want a bigger butt you have to go having sex with every one and there you go you have big butt! But it's not ridiculous. And ofcourse it's not gurantee to work or gurantee to show results but there are exercise that improves the shape and appereance there for making it look bigger and like i said theres plenty of those exercises that are used as sex positions, and im sure on few occasions a girls tone and appearance on her butt did change having sex in certain positions maybe with her husband or lover so please keep your opinions to yourself and only give the facts and keep an open mind.

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