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  • Yes, but at the same time I wouldn't do it if I wasn't willing to change something of myself.
  • I wouldn't tell him "your fat and you gross me out" but I would cook healthier food, not go out, go work out and ask them to go with me. If they don't listen... *ugh*...then MAYBE i'd be impatient and tell them straight out
  • Not directly, because I love him for who he is, not for how he looks. If he gained a significant amount of weight, I would worry about his health and might suggest that we both try to eat healthier and exercise, but that would be the extent of it.
  • I don't 'tell' my partner to do anything, but I would talk to him about my concerns if his weight became a problem. I would do anything I could to support him, and would not persecute him for his problem, that would only make matters worse.
  • If it was affecting her health I would suggest that we both try eating healthier and excercising more but only out of concern for her health. If it didn' t affect her health who cares. I would love her no matter what her size and weight.
  • No man! I don't tell her to do anything :D When it comes to health & fitness, it's more likely her tellin me.
  • No, i think that if i fall in love with someone is because of his feelings and not how much he weights.
  • Only if I think I needed to end my relationship.
  • Yes of course I would , carrying too much weight is not good for your health.
  • For sure. I wouldn't let my (future) parter destroy his health the way my dad has.
  • If it's too much then yes, but respectively. I would explain that there are severe health problems caused from being overweight, and that it would be worth the effort to try to lose a few pounds. There is no way I would walk up to her and say "You're too fat, lose some weight, GEEZE!"
  • if they were going to die, yes
  • If your partner is a woman, there is no easy way to put it. They will over react. A man on the other hand, would just probably be like, "Yeah, I need to hit the gym". Overall, I'd be very quiet about it. I would suggest we stop eating out so much and make dinner for ourselves which I would suggest healthy foods to eat. I would also incorporate joining a gym together and doing some fun stuff there like sports, running, or whatever comes to mind. I'd also try to spend more time talking long walks and talking which can enhance the relationship more. Join a co-ed sports teams. Just a few things like that can make a big difference.
  • Absolutely! In a very nice way of course. And I would expect that he would do the same for me.
  • For my partner to gain a little weight would not bother me. If it was effecting his health, absolutly I would try to get him to lose weight. I would be right there in every way to help and would do any exercise with him.
  • Yes. And I really shouldn't because I know what it feels like to have someone you are involved with tell you to lose weight, pretty much all of my boyfriends have said it to be. I'm only like 170, I'm not fat or anything.
  • Yes & no ... I do not ONLY refer to the number on the scale because it has no relative meaning ... instead I refer to the various percentages of body mass that is bone, muscle, internal organs, blood, and of course FAT ... I would never say "Loose weight" ... but I would say, "Decrease your body's fat cell percentage." Many of the exercises that I teach will cause an increase in muscle mass and an increase in bone mass ... so while my students are burning off fat and loosing inches, they are actually gaining lots of weight, but it is good weight they are gaining.
  • I would. There are some subtle supportive ways you can encourage them to get healthy, like joining groups on The Daily Plate or changing the types of meals we cooked at home.
  • Yes, I would because I know it is better for her to shed some weight to stay healthy. However I would endeavor to be most tactful and gentle in my approach.
  • In a polite way.

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