• The same way I have looked after it this summer. I have ignored it. My lawn looks like a Meadow haven for wildlife.
  • Our lawn gets "scalped" in October and then seeded with winter grass. It gets green and pretty but it's soggy to step on so we stay off it for the most part.
  • Cut absolutely everything and leave little stumps. And put garbage bags on bushes that can't be cut. It looks ugly :/. but it protects them.
  • Give it one last cutting and cut it pretty short. Do not water or fertilize it. It should go dormant by itself once it gets pretty cold. You shouldn't have to do much else to it. If you have a lot of trees that lose their leaves, rake up most of the leaves as a thick layer will kill the grass. Just a few leaves or a loose layer that will blow away when the wind picks up won't hurt it.
  • not much, really. it grows more quickly during the rainy season (AKA winter), so people try to mow their lawns whenever it is dry enough. the other thing to keep in mind is leaves. if you leave a pile of leaves sitting there too long, the grass underneath it dies and you end up with a big patch o' mud.
  • leave it outside after fall...
  • While grass goes dormant during the late fall and winter, weeds do not. It's a good idea to throw out some weed killer/long term fertilizer just before the rains start. (This is assuming you’re in a region that has 4 seasons - if you’re in southern California, forget this) Companies like Scott have bagged mixtures for spring and fall with the correct stuff inside. Your local nursery can guide you to the stuff best for your type of lawn in your area.
  • 1) The easy way: 1. put lawn at the bottom of swimming pool 2. fill pool with water in winter 3. empty pool in summer This way, you can play lawn hockey in summer and ice hockey in winter! 2) "As fall arrives, reseed areas as needed. Fall is a great time for new grass seed to take root. It also eliminates areas for weeds to grow in the spring. Fertilize one more time with a high nitrogen fertilizer to encourage root growth. Lawn and garden stores have an ample supply of Winterizer fertilizer. Rake leaves and debris off your lawn in the fall. Be aggressive ,and rake out any areas where heavy thatch has built up. After the lawn has stopped growing, and before the snow flies, give your lawn one more cutting. Lower the mower deck to cut your lawn to about one inch. We like to do the final mowing with a bagger to pick up cut grass, stray leaves, and other debris. We do this to leave less places for Snowmold to develop." Source: 3) "Hello fellow Earthlings and welcome to the front yard. I'm standing on your lawn and asking you why you're using that stuff in the bag that was advertised on television to "Winterize" your lawn. I must say that your lawn looks pretty good now. Why are you messing with it?" Source and further information: 4) Further information:

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