• Few weeks I suppose; I got half way through the book of Lucifer before stopping for some reason, should probably finish it off again : D
  • Sorry, I don't own one. Is it an interesting read?
  • When I was vacationing in Hell.
  • What is the satanic bible? Is it actually the Necromancorcon (or some name like that) or is it the one from the guy in the 1960's? I am not that familiar with satanism.
  • Wow...about 20 years ago or more. And yes, it is simply a philosophy which a lot of people completely freak out about solely based on the name. LaVey had an interesting way of looking at things, for sure; not one I embrace, but I have studied many religions and philosophies over the years.
  • The assumption behind the question is pretty much the same as the assumption behind questions like, "Do you support our troops?" In common with most people I don't own a Satanic Bible, so the question is meaningless to most people.
  • I don't have one and never will!
  • oh Last night I just could not sleep, so I pulled out the ol Satanic Bible and read a few passages to get some "Halloween Ideas" the I passed right out and had a few eveil dreams ;") but before that it was few months since I read it. thanks for asking !
  • It's been about a month.
  • I haven't read the entire thing in over a year. But I read a bit of it a couple weeks back.
  • It has been almost a year since I read it all the way through. It was fun doing it though because I would read it in class and it always brought a smile to my face when people saw what I was reading. I re-read different passages offend just to refresh my memory or if I trying to remember something spacific
  • I have read the 12 points of practical satanism I don't give the satanic Bible any credence Lucifer probably didn't go about creating any written literature himself. There's plenty of men that are glad to take credit for it.
  • I don't have one of those.
  • 2007. Anton LaVey strikes me as having been a bit of a troll.
  • I have read some of it I particularly enjoyed the part that says if your enemy should smite thee smite him back head to toe utterly destroy him. So that he will grow wise and not do it again. Yeah that makes a lot more sense then the Christian Bible that says if somebody slaps you let them slap you on the other side of your face. No heck no if somebody slaps you beat the tar out of them teach them some respect! If you let somebody go around slapping on you they'll come back and do it again don't go do it to somebody else if you whoop their butt and teach them a lesson you might help another human being and you might actually save the person's life that's being a bully he'll stop being a bully before somebody pulls out a gun and shoots him right between the eyes which is going to be the inevitable results if somebody doesn't teach that person a lesson while he's alive

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