• He must have had her locked in room.
  • She had a thing for ruthless dictators with funny mustaches
  • She must have enjoyed tying him up on a bed of nails and trampled all over him while sticking hot scratchy objects up his bottom
  • If she stayed with him until the end, she must have been pretty HOT.
  • I think this is a trick question as I don't believe they were married but she was his girlfriend.
  • Items made out of human skin...
  • "Eva Anna Paula Braun, died Eva Hitler (February 6, 1912 – April 30, 1945) was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and briefly his wife." "Born in Munich, Germany, Eva Braun was the second daughter of school teacher Friedrich "Fritz" Braun and Franziska Kronberger, who both came from respectable Bavarian families. Her elder sister Ilse was born in 1909 and her younger sister Margarete (called "Gretl") was born in 1915. Braun was educated at a lyceum, then for one year at a business school in a convent where she had average grades, a talent for athletics and is said to have had the "dreamy beauty of a farmer's daughter." She worked for several months as a receptionist at a medical office, then at age 17 took a job as an office and lab assistant and photographer's model for Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer for the Nazi Party. She met Hitler, 23 years her senior, at Hoffmann's studio in 1929. He had been introduced to her as "Herr Wolff" (a childhood nickname he used during the 1920s for security purposes). " Source and further information:
  • She had very poor taste in men. I know that much.
  • Not much.
  • Eva Braun, lived with Hitler for many years but was only married to him a short time. Born Munich 1912-- Died April 30th 1945.
  • " Eva Braun was born the middle of three sisters into a Catholic family on 6 February 1912 - three lively, pretty girls. She was educated at a lyceum, then for one year at a business school in a convent where she had average grades and a talent for athletics. Fresh out of the convent school Eva Braun, at 17, met Adolf Hitler the first time when she was working in Munich in 1929 as the assistant of Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. From the moment Hitler walked into the shop, she was in love." Source:
  • She was a very bad judge of character...
  • She wasn't allowed to be seen in public because as it wasn't good for the Fuher's image.
  • He married her ( Eva Braun ) just before they committed suicide together, she was a modal, gymnast, and a keen photographer, she was not allowed to talk to him in public, she had a close circle of around 4/6 friends.
  • She was German and younger than him.
  • Her husband was a lunatic.
  • She became a widow very quickly.
  • what i can tell you about hitlers wife is that her name was eva hitler,she was only hitler's wife for 36 hours.eva's maiden name was braun,eva braun, and what i do know is that she and adolf commited suicide together on april 30 1945 at approximatly 3 pm. she crushed a cyinide capsule while adolf crushed down with his teeth on the cynide and at the precise moment shot himself in the head.this all taking place in a underground bunker in berlin.shortly after their suicides they were systimatically burned with petrol making sure their bodies were not taken by the russians,and being displayed like mussolini and his mistress.
  • When she visited Hitler's house, she always carried a bag, which everyone suspected was full of sex toys. No evidence that they had sex was ever found, as the maid often checked his sheets. There are many rumours about Hitler liking to engage in scatting.
  • There is an extensive article about Hitler's sex toys and the search for them as artifacts on the website,
  • She was very stupid.
  • She wasn't his wife for very long.....

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