• I'd love to answer, but this is way over my head :)
  • Well, they've dealt with the Goa'ould for the longest, so in years they have been the greatest threat, but I really think the Ori have given them a good run for their money in the last months. The Wraith I'm still out on. The Goa'ould I think are much worse adversaries. Gawd I'm such a nerd... :P
  • The Goa'uld have been a threat for the longest duration of time, but they have become manageable as new threats have come to light. The wraith are a threat because they feed on life... but the weapons have been adapted now to be able to contain them. The replicators are a huge threat but with the code to disable them (courtesy of the Wraith) They too, can be managed. Now, since we are left with Atlantis who have little or no experience (except the newly added Samantha) with the Ori, and the Ori are the most wide spread and most powerful threat.... forcing entire worlds to worship them and destroying those who do not. SG-1 never contained them.... so, chances are Atlantis will run into them. The Ori are the biggest threat, I believe.
  • The Replicators, because they morph themselves into SG advocates and take over the SG territory.
  • I would say that the worst enemy that they have is the the IOA They are nothing but trouble, and always make a mess out of everything! Now it seems as though Woolsey is going to be running Atlantis, and I am expecting major mistakes, because he doesn't have a clue at all about what is going on there! Help!!!!!
  • The Goa'uld were intense enemies, but over time with a lot of work their were taken down to just a minor annoyance. The Ori had far better technology and seemed to be almost too powerful to even attempt to fight. The Wraith have to be the uglist of all the enemies and I have to say the first time I saw them in a show I got kind of creeped out by them, and the replicators are just annoying. Overall, the Ori seemed to have been the enemy with the most Golaith qualities.
  • Would have to say the Ori. Any foe with religion on their side is a dangerous enemy.
  • Of the four you have listed, I would say the Ori are the biggest threat. But I really believe the greatest threat leading to SG1's downfall was adding Claudia Black.

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