• Generals are officers. A five star general is the highest rank in the army. Officers are commissioned from Lieutenants to Generals. Other personnel are enlisted. Sergeants are also called "non-commissioned officers." The highest rank among those enlisted is Command Sergeant Major.
  • Three terms are important when discussing authority and responsibility in the military: rank, rate, and grade. A military member's "rank" determines their status and authority in comparison to other military members. The Navy/Coast Guard calls it "rate," for enlisted sailors.The other services refer to it as "rank." "Grade" is used for personnel and pay functions. Military personnel across the services receive the same base pay, based on their rank and time-in-service. But as the "ranks" are named differently in different services, so save confusion, "grade" is used. For example, the lowest enlisted rank in the Air Force is called "Airman Basic." That person is in the grade of E-1, and receives the same basic pay as an E-1 in the Army, who has the "rank" of "Private." An E-2 in the Air Force is termed "Airman." He/she is in the same pay grade as an E-2 in the Marine Corps, which is a "Private First Class." The "E-2" indicates they are one step above the lowest enlisted rank (E-1 is lowest, E-2 is next, E-3, E-4, etc., all the way up to E-9), no matter what their "rank" is called by their respective branch of service. There are three general categories of rank/rate: Enlisted personnel, Warrant Officers, and Commissioned Officers. All commissioned officers "out-rank" all warrant officers and enlisted members. All warrant officers "outrank" all enlisted members. In other words, a brand new commissioned officer in the grade of O-1, would "out-rank" a grisly old Army Sergeant Major, in the grade of E-9 (however, any 2nd lieutenant stupid enough to unnecessarily "pull rank" on such would quickly find him/herself having a talk with his/her own boss).
  • Personally, I can't be any rank in the military. Because of my feet, I have always been ineligible for military service.
  • The highest anyone could ever be would have to be General of the Armies, which has only been held by two people, George Washington and J.Pershing. General of the Armies(equivalent to a 6-star general) is not the same as General of the Army(5-Star General).
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      nevermind it's already been covered in subsequent answers
  • colonel cluster fuck
  • I think it is either the queen/king (monarch) or the president. Technically speaking.
  • In the USA, it's the Commander In Chief (the President of the United States), although I guess you couldn't just get that job as a military promotion.
  • Different nations have different military rank structures ... here in Canada, the highest rank is the Queen, then the Governor General, then the nation's prime minister, then the Minister of National Defense ... although these are positions that are part military and part civilian, they still hold our country's highest military ranks. ... after that, then come the full generals ...
  • The highest rank in USA history is George Washington, after Congress passed an edict in 1776 stating that George Washington has never and can never be outranked, therefore its not General of the Armies, or a five star Generals its George Washington
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      Actually that was in 1976 that George Washington was posthumously appointed the rank of General of the Armies of the United States, basically a 6-star rank, with the stated intention that no other officer may outrank him. The only other 6-star was General of the Army, John Pershing, only being outranked by George Washington.
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  • Well, both of you are right but i wants to adds some helpful info. Yes, General is an officer and Lt.s are the beginning of officer ranks that goes to General of the army. Also, all highest ranks in all military branches, General of army, General of the air force, General of the Marines, and Fleet Admiral are the same level but just commanding different branches. Some can command other branches. For example, A fleet admiral can command the navy, coast guard and the marines because the marines is a part of the navy. basically, the navy's ground troops. However, no other branch over powered officer can command the navy. Basically thats it. i don't want to get into every tiny detail of the branches. You'll end up reading pages of my reply. But theres a little lesson for you. Its good to keep in mind. It proves you know a lot about the military and you'll seem smarter than other military fans. Its a rare piece of info to come by. It has gotten me a lot of girls. hope you get girls with this!!!
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      Technically, General of the Armies outranks Fleet Admiral. As you probably already know, in was during WW2 that the Navy was worried that MacArthur would be promoted to General of the Armies and they too started working on a 6-star rank to counter Mac.

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