• Yes, there a quite a few manual cars with cruise control. In Australia, Subaru were one of the first mainstream manufacterers I know of that had cruise control in manual cars. The main difference is that the cruise control usually disengages when the clutch is pushed in, as well as when braking.
  • Yes, they do. I once owned a 90 Ford Thunderbird SuperCoupe that was a stick and it had cruise control. The owner's manual recommended using it only in 4th gear. The cruise control would disengage when the brakes were hit (the clutch didn't matter).
  • Yes. Just bought a 2006 Honda Civic with a stick. It has cruise control. The only difference compared to an automatic is it cannot shift for you.
  • Yeah, my 1993 Honda Accord is manual and has cruise control. You just have to make sure you're driving optimally before you set it.

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