• This policy is to protect the gay person from ridicule, or worse. It also protects the image of the armed forces abroad.
  • there are no good reasons other than peoples intolerence--just my thoughts-have some points-good question-------smile and enjoy the night
  • There are several reasons for the "don't ask---don't tell." . #1.....your sexual orientation isn't a key issue in determining if you are fit enough to join the armed forces. . #2.....revealing sexual orientation only serves to alienate our troops from one another.....and when you are out on the battle line fighting together, you want the troops to be as close as possible. . #3.....There is no reason what-so-ever to give out information that doesn't pertain to serving in the military...
  • I don't think someone's sexual preference is who makes the person. If you like kool-aid and no one else does, you think you should be judged for that? I do not, I also think that the government goes overboard with telling people how to live their lives. I thought that was why we have freedom. Being gay is not a crime, nor should it be a problem for someone who is not. It is not your life!! So why should you care? I think it is totally up to the person that chooses that lifestyle.
  • one more time allowing gaysto join the army forces or wherever they want to join, its fucking crazy, AMERICA will loose every war they participate in. C'mon guys please. think about it, no offense gays
  • I think it wouldn't be beneficial for their health. My son was gay. If gays were openly allowed, I sure would not want him serving. They would be a marked man on and off the battle field. I would not push to be openly gay just for that reason. It would cause more harm then good.
  • Political correctness aside, the mentality cultivated in the armed forces is often similar to that cultivated in sports teams or boarding schools. This can be extremely macho with a lot of bullying. If soldiers are willing to kill innocent people in cold blood while kidding themselves they're doing it for the right reasons, do you think the army are more likely to recruit politically correct sensitive rational people, or despot following sociopathic brainwashed homophobes?
  • ...because the HIGHER-UPS might become involved in embarrasing SCANDALS--if the gays accidentally let "privileged" information slip out!!!
  • I served 12 years in the military and am pretty sure some of the guys with whom I served were gay. It didn't make any difference until someone turned them in and they were thrown out. In the meantime the kept prejudiced and downright stupid in. I think it was a terrible waste.
  • Homosexuals, despite their political clout, are a very small percentage of our population. There doesn't need to be any other reason but that the vast majority of us do not want homosexuals (NOT fucking "gay") serving in our military. The military, at the top, unfortunately is a very very PC organization.

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