• get a back massager that has two balls that grind around, and use it while siting in a chair - they work really good. I got mine at a garage sale - you could find one on craigslist or ebay I'm sure :)
  • The stronger your abdominal muscles are the less likely you are to get lower back aches. When I do get one, I work on limbering up my lower back and pelvis doing the cat stretch (yoga). It's pretty simple - get on your hands and knees and start with your back in a straight position, exhale and arch your back, hold for a count of 6, return to the neutral position and then into a halloween cat position for a count of 6 and return to neutral. Continue alternating the arches until you've done about 10 and keep your abs tight throughout.
  • I use either tiger balm which is a menthol type of cream or a heating pad and Motrin IB for temporary relief.
  • Are you having this often? If you do, your bones is straining to support your weight. You may have a calcium deficiency. I experienced lower back pains before and it was recurrent. Later, I found out I have osteopenia. My bones was getting brittle leading to osteoporosis. I was advised to take calcium. I did and my back problem was gone.
  • if it's a recent injury, use a cold pack and tylenol if it's a chronic ache use moist heat and ibuprofen
  • A'Tens' machine. :o)
  • It depends on the pain.... there are different parts of your body that with the right pressure can reduce or remove pain. Hot showers or baths help with lots of things... Also take some rice pour it in a sock. Tie the open end and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds...put the hot pack on the area that is hurting. Special excersizes are made to reduce and control pain... and I have even tried meditation...
  • A lot of pain can be managed with Massage and/or Reflexology treatments ... +5
  • i hear meditation works very well, but i'm not very good at it
  • if it is a headache, green tea with mint can help.
  • My father goes to a pain management specialist and also for acupuncture. He's getting some relief with both. (he has neuropathy)
  • Stretching, exercise in the water with instructors trained for rehab. I have also had trigger point injections, hurts like the dickens getting them but has worked to keep pain at bay for months...sometimes a chiropractor will find the reason for pain realign problem area's and voila!
  • Grit your teeth and Bare it.
  • Acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, physical therapy, massage, a proper diet, maintain a good BMI, physical activity within the constraints of said pain, doing things that require concentration, and endorphin inducing activities.
  • Obviously, different kinds of pain require different treatments. However, I saw a pain management specialist for years and the meds, treated a neck and back problem, but did nothing to fix it. The best thing that I ever did for myself was bikram (hot) yoga. I was literally pain-free in a month or so (after constant nagging pain for 15+ years. These kinds of stories are common at the yoga studio. It's also great cardio. I have no financial interest in it, but it really is fantastic. Other friends have had great success with MAT. It's a little pricey, but check it out at I know quite a few professional athletes that swear by it.
  • Most lower back pain can be relieved by stretching the lower back and for most people it works amazingly well. Google lower back pain stretches and you'll find a bunch of them. Find one that works well for you.

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