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  • No. Different women want different things out of life, but generally it seems that men often do not understand the most basic emotional needs that women have. Hopefully there are a few exceptions.
  • No male could possibly keep track of so many ever-changing items.....;-D....
  • No but they think they do, the poor things.
  • Womens wants and needs change daily... so the answer is no... But if Men used their brains more often.. then they (we) would listen and try to accomodate as much or best as possible!!!!
  • I can't speak for all men but, my man knows exactly what I want and need. Sometimes he knows even when I don't.
  • Nope, but let them think they do, they will cause more damage to their brains.
  • Most men, I'm inclined to say no. There are a few, but they're usually the ones that are too shy to say anything, and they rarely get noticed by members of the opposite sex. A bit sad, really. (btw, I'm not one of those men.)
  • I think some do. Of those who do, some don't care. I think it is more of a Venus-Mars thing. We care about different things, men and women. Even if we know what women want, we don't feel the same way, so we undervalue it. The same goes for women. It's about perspective.
  • No. Women don't even know so how can we?
  • It depends on the man. My boyfriend does a pretty good job at meeting my needs. He's better at meeting my needs than I am at meeting his. Unfortunate, really. He deserves better than me, but he thinks I deserve better than him. Go figure.
  • If only :(
  • Most of the time I'm pretty good at it, until Sybil changes personalities. :0)
  • unfortunately i don't enough. i wish i did
  • Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. I'm happy to help:
  • Damn. I can't even figure out what I really want and need. I doubt some guy is going to figure it out. Some of them seem to know exactly what I don't want.
  • No, men don't even know why they like or want the things they do most the time, it's always 'I just do", about everything. Men have to be told simply and clearly what it is you want and like and need. No long conversations and such, well, for most men, there are a few exceptions. Most men want to know not guess.... make it simple.
  • How could they? We all want different things, the joy should be in the discovery, not worrying about not knowing, consider it like travelling, no experience will be the same and expect to learn something new and be prepared for a little culture shock, haha. Maybe you got something there thouhg, that could be the issue for some men, they work out what one wants and then think one size fits all perhaps and wonder why it doesn't fit the others :)
  • a man that truly loves you knows what you want and need, men pay attention more than we think, some just don't care and some just don't show it.
  • I hope's not that complicated.
  • No, and even if you ask a woman, you're still clueless.
  • I think all a woman wants is to be loved. As for material things, I have no idea.
  • LMAO.... lol teehee Sorry. Yeah (still laughing)
  • Just like most average people, we just want love, attention, someone to trust blah-de-blah. But the thing about relationships is... We can't really find people that want just these things. It's not as simple as "I just want someone to love me". People have ulterior motives and lack of communication. A lot of men do know what women want and need, but the problem is: We don't have it, don't want to get it for you, or we just don't care altogether. You can't say it's just men though because women are the same way. It's just safe to assume men and women will never really fully understand one another. I see really great relationships between men and women as a lucky chemistry. It's something you can't just go out and find because it's so rare, it can takes years of painful, failed relationships before you can find the "one" that is like the right key for your lock.
  • I don't think even women know what women want, let alone men.
  • How can men possibly know what women want when we never fully know. The best possible action is knowing how to react perfectly in specific situations to the specific girl. Showing a girl that you are interested in her and showing that you know her is a good start.
  • I have no fricken clue, apparently.
  • Most definitely some do. The better question is Do men care what women really want and need? And what are they willing to do about it?
  • They want a man's, money,car, house and penis. and when they tire of them and drain them dry women move on to their next target and do it again.then if its another woman. women are parasitic and lazy. men have to work no matter the circumstances , sugar mommas are extremely rare. All women have to do is put on some makeup, slutty clothes, go to a bar or club and spread their legs and they get whatever they want. men (unless they are born rich or inherit money) have no choice but to work. we get a few holidays off a year and maybe a few weeks vacation. women have choice to stay home (RHWOC) while the man goes to work and comes home to bitching about how we don't make enough money and our cars, houses and dicks are good enough for them. Women these days are angry sexist and unloviong towards men. they only want the ahole loser who has pizza delivery job and drug and alcohol issues get them pregnant and then runaway. Ot the rich ahole who does pretty much the same to them. Guys like me who want to actually love a woman and protect them are seen as inferior and unworthy of them. Get a Job BItches!!!
  • In over twenty years as a PUA back in the day, I have come to the conclusion that most (if not all) women have no clue what they "really want and need". They get some idea stuck in their head, either from friends, harlequin novels, magazines, talk shows, etc., desperately pursue it, then if they get it, they don't want it anymore...and they are off running after something/someone else! Kinda like throwing crap against a wall to see what sticks.
  • No just fuc$$ing tell us! We are not damn telepaths. We like directness not ,gestures and mindgames.

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