• The finger!
  • The swastika in a Nazi (not Hindu) context.
  • I suggest that in the entire history of mankind the most heinous, offensive and utterly despicable symbol is…your offensive cat.
  • The swastika.
  • Confederate Flag. I would go with Swastika except I don't see people driving around with them on their cars still today. I do see people with confederate flag symbols on their clothing, cars, in their windows, etc... Seems like we should be WAY past that by now.
  • No pets allowed
  • No Reading (magazine stands)
  • This one offends me Edit: It doesn't surprise me that I have been rated down several times for this answer. It doesn't even surprise me that none of these people have done so without the courtesy of a comment to justify their ratings. This simply reinforces my belief that Democrats are cowards.
  • the pictures refuse to upload, but a nazi swastika and an ohio state buckeye symbol. those actually pain me.
  • I find this one offensive and dangerous!
  • Between 1890 and 1968, thousands of towns across the United States drove out their black populations or took steps to forbid African Americans from living in them. Thus were created “sundown towns,” so named because many marked their city limits with signs typically reading, “N****r, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You In Alix”—an Arkansas town in Franklin County that had such a sign around 1970. By 1970, sundown towns were at their peak. SOURCE:
    • Roaring
      Its sad to hear that this existed.
  • Ahhh usually any sign that promotes violence and death for no reason. I see all those signs as equally violent and senseless.

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