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  • ADDERALL® (amphetamine aspartate; amphetamine sulfate; dextroamphetamine saccharate; dextroamphetamine sulfate) Treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy (sudden and uncontrollable attacks of drowsiness and sleepiness). It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Adderall is an amphetamine. The exact way it works is unknown. Adderall affects certain chemicals in the brain that may affect attention span and behavior
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  • You may find this useful: Adderall Used to Boost School Performance May 9, 2005 Some students at competitive schools say they use the attention-deficit drug Adderall to stay alert when cramming for tests, writing papers, or even taking the SAT, the San Jose Mercury News reported May 8. The prescription stimulant, prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is a relatively common drug of abuse among students, who can buy Adderall from classmates, friends, or family members who are prescribed the drug. "It's like caffeine or Red Bull," said one Los Altos (Calif.) High School senior. "It's like any other pick-me-up." Many students know there are health risks associated with the drug, and that it is illegal to use the stimulant without a prescription. "I know it's probably messing up my body," said another Palo Alto High senior, who said the medication caused sleepless nights, chills, a racing heart, and weight loss. But he said the side-effects were worth it because the drug helps him juggle school, sports, and social life. "You can't think about anything else but doing the work," said another Los Altos High senior. "It's like tunnel vision: You just zone in ... You're able to really think deeply about the subject and show the teacher a different way of looking at the text." Abuse of Adderall is especially prevalent at competitive schools. "It's happening more and more and it helps people understand how much pressure is put on kids my age to succeed," said Rachel Berman, who wrote about Adderall for Palo Alto High's newspaper. "This just puts more pressure on people who don't take the drug," said Palo Alto High freshman Liv Jensen. Matt Cabrey, a spokesperson for Adderall maker Shire Pharmaceuticals, said the company has not heard directly from any schools or students about abuse of the drug. "We're not getting calls from school officials or parents saying we have a problem here," he said, adding that a new, slow-release version of the drug, Adderall XR, has less potential for abuse.
  • If you or her dad did not buy it for her, she is most likely abusing the stuff.(my opinion It's a controlled substance and our Doctor has to document if we misplace the perscription for this stuff) My son was using it as perscribed, for ADHD; he did not get along with this drug at all, we took him off of it after three days. He was showing some violent behavior that stopped when the drug was changed to methylphenedate. Do you have any idea where she got it? or how? Ritilan: Methylphenadate is the most commonly perscribed stimulant for these conditions, Concerta is another drug used for ADD / ADHD. Adderall is the lest common of the "big three" I don't know of any one who has been on it for long. The xr on the marking is an extended release formula.
  • its for add, its the shit!! i tried to get some but ended up with concerta, which made me feel like a crazy person. i always got some from other add kids for mysteriously know shit that i didnt know before! it creates a nice sense of calm, and you can focus really would be perfect for a quilter or something, it makes you creative and lasts for a good while. i always got really friendly when i took it too. take that shit away from her though and have a talk, cause in my experience only drug addicts (well not addicts, but users) get a hold of pills they arent prescribed to...good luck
  • Yes, people do abuse adderall, but i don't see why. It is a very strong drug that should not be takin without doctors supervision. I have been prescribed 30 mg adderall daily for 8 years. They change your personality over time. But for me they are a miracle academic drug. I basically failed out of high school until i started adderall. I now have completed a BS in Mechanical engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering on a full ride all in five years, and i give alot of credit to this drug. Maybe your daughter is experimenting and abusing, maybe she is doing it for her academics, i had some friends use it without a prescription for academics. Just talk to her. Abuse of this drug is serious, young uniformed people don't understand that as little as 60 mg can cause SUPER HIGH blood pressure and heart attacks. Talk to her as abuse of this drug is a real killer. I would avoid long term use of this drug. I would also avoid using this drug on a child just to calm them down, long term effects are a real possibility. Use this drug only as an academic life saver when everything else has failed. I am stopping it as i just finished my masters degree. It has brought me some very minor heart problems over the years and high blood pressure at the age of 23. Looking back on my controlled use of adderall, my parents and i did the right thing and did not make a mistake. After all, the other option was flipping burgers after high school, now i bring in serious dough with a masters in engineering.
  • they are 30 milligram capsules of Adderall

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