• I notice that your dog is the right way up ant they will never make a film about the place where I live.
  • I can assure you, there has never been, and will never be a movie based in my town.
  • I remember watching a couple of television series that were filmed in my area and I was amazed when one scene was followed by another that had been filmed 20 miles away, despite the fact that they were supposed to be just round the corner from each other. On one occasion a policeman chased a suspect along a street in Bristol and when they turned the corner they were in Weston Super Mare.
  • Does the reverse count? The reason being; the movie MAJOR LEAGUE was filmed right here in smelly ol' Milwaukee at was was "lovingly" referred to as Third World Country Stadium(County Stadium). The movie depicted an imaginary team; the Cleveland Indians, and was shot in what was the old Brewers stadium before the town sunk a fortune into turning said space into a parking lot for the updated Miller Park, that thanks to the Mitsubishi Corp has a leaky roof that's supposed to be retractable but barely works well enough to bother to use. I myself appeared in the original theatrical release. I'm serious! I saw myself for a brief second, but when I rented the video of my first major screen debut, I wound up on the editing room floor!
  • Yes, I have seen some movies that were supposed to have taken place in my hometown or near it. There were large hills or mountains in the backgroud, and my hometown is in Central Indiana and is as flat as a pancake.
  • I already answered this but more to the point of the question one of my favorite Comedy/Action/Love Story movies, BIRD ON A WIRE with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson, had many scenes that were supposed to be in Wisconsin. One prime example from there would be I'm certain there's no part of Racine or Kenosha WI that has a downtown area like "Rick's" fruity friend had his hair salon in, if you know the movie and the scene(s) I'm referring to.
  • Yes, and I watched part of it being filmed. "Man In The Moon" was filmed in Many (where I lived) and Robeline, LA. Parts of it were easy to recognize and others were not (I suspect they were part of a Hollywood set). It was pretty cool, though, especially all the old cars that were used.
  • Well, The Firm (based on Grisham's novel) does show some parts of Memphis accurately, such as the scenes at Mud Island near the end. But the particular geography of the home does not fit -- nor did the favorable remarks of the wife regarding the Memphis public school system. (But of course no movie would want to risk a lawsuit and be unfavorable toward the local city.)
  • Yes, "The Knockaround Guys." I grew up in Glendive, MT which is 30 miles from Wibaux, where the movie takes place. I know the Shamrock bar very well, and it was obvious it was a set built to look like the Shamrock. But it was a very good reproduction. Plus when they get their guns, they are supposed to be at the shooting range in Makoshika State Park in my town, but it is obvious that they did not film there. They were in the badlands somewhere, but not within 20 miles of Glendive, otherwise I would have recognized the exact place they were in.
  • The only feature length films ever set in my town are period things and are next to never filmed here... but I did see a short film filmed here, but I can vouch for most all of the places really being here.
  • I watch Orange County but didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary. I think it was filmed in Orange County.
  • Yeah. Anything about the Kennedys usually makes mistakes, or films in other places that are supposed to "double" for the Cape. We [former] locals can spot such things a mile off. lol
  • There was a stupid film about songwriting made a few years back in Nashville and though most of the places were actual places it was logistically all wrong.
  • xmen was filmed here, in the castle at royal roads. but the rest was somewhere else
  • Sort of the opposite. My dad told me about a recent movie they made in the town he grew up in, Spokane. In it, the bus depot was supposed to be that of their final destination, Phoenix. Instead they used the bus depot in Spokane.
  • I used to live in West Hollywood. Watching TV every night was like seeing the town rearranged into a bunch of different pieces, where drugstores were around the corner from police stations that weren't there. I still get a laugh out of how LA is cut and diced every night on the tube.

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