• Well, this might still apply. I hope it does. and its software used to have an option of like a club. What you'd have to do is go to, download the application and get your friend to do this also. This is, of course, if you don't already have it. Once started, you would create a club and your friend would join. As the club's creator, you would then be able to send any audio files to him. However, if this option is no longer available, or you just don't feel like doing CAN use Yahoo Messanger to send files (including audio) Be aware that by using this, you won't be able to send very large audio files, but it does work. A lot of college kids I know are using this to get around the newly imposed "no downloading from a peer to peer application" rule. So, with all that said and done, I hope this helps and works! :D I found out recently that Yahoo Messanger and MSN Messanger can both be used to send fairly large files to another PC. I guess Yahoo extended their maximum. So with this news, have fun sending files :D
  • If you are more technically inclined, you could put your files onto a server and then your friend can download them. One way to do this would be to buy hosting space for a website and then just put your files there. There are also places, like geocities, that offer free space. Of course, you could set up your home computer as a web server, but that would expose it (a lot) to hackers, and you would probably have to buy security software. The best, but hardest, way to do this is to set up your computer as an "FTP" server. I frankly don't know how to do this, but there are many guides available online.
  • You can send up to 1Gig of data for free using Once you upload the data they will provide you with a link to where you or your friend can dowload it from.

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