• Don't you mean convicted serial killers?
  • That is one of the questions profilers and law enforcement would love to be able to answer. It may have something to do with relative affluence of white males, but then again, the statistics may be only indicative of the fact that law enforcement is mainly catching those in developed countries, where profiling and forensics are of a high standard. eg Charles Sobraj, a famous international serial killer, who preyed on tourists, was of Vietnamese and Indian background. How many other Charles Sobraj's are there that remain undetected in developing countries? Of the several men convicted of beheading christian schoolgirls in Indonesia a few years ago, one is also guilty of killing a pastor in front of her congregation. Who knows that some of the crimes of Islamic fanaticism are not covering the tracks of serial killers?
  • Just thought of a possibility-granted-my knowledge of serial killers is limited-but I'm guessing that they feel superior in some way-like they are smarter than everyone and getting away with something. Is that an historically Eoropean trait? Screwing other people over and laughing at them. I'm just thinking about all the big empires-British, French, Spanish, Portuguese,etc.
  • We know this is a given fact,but could it have something to do with the fact that about 8 in 10 of the middle aged male population is white. Since we are also told that most Serial killers are middle aged.
  • This all depends on where you live. If you live in a country where most of the population is "white" then you will probably have more "white" serial killers... if, however you live in a country where most of the people are "Grey", then you will have more "Grey" serial killers.... Think about it for a moment...
  • good question...why are also world leaders also always white males? like me:-( maybe part of it is due to the fact that whites tend to be more planners and less instinctive? To be planners doesn't mean more intelligent, just means more cold blodded
  • Get over yourself Emma. I have nothing to gain by starting a 'race thing', and if anyone has started a race thing it is YOU by the very nature of your original question.
  • Easy, because white people are the majority population in the US. Blacks account for about 22% of serial killers, despite being only 12% of the population. For the most part, blacks commit crime at between 4 and 8 times the white rate - serial killing is the exception to this, where blacks commit serial murders at only about twice of the white rate. This means there are more white serial killers than black, but that blacks still serial kill at a higher rate than whites do. Thus the answer to the question is because whites are a higher percentage of the population. Here is a link with statistics about this :
  • You're all pretty much missing the point, although angel1974 gets closer to it. White Americans are far more individualistic than anyone on the planet. It is culturally feasible for these psychotic killer obsessions and actions to develop, grow, and remain hidden in White American social environments, especially in more conservative areas where people don't talk about their feelings much and sexuality is more repressed. That's why these are the environments the most notorious serial killers came from.
  • it depends on your defintion of serial killer. And there seem to be two. Definition one serial killer/multipler murderer. Under this definition you could put in both females and any race and would have to include those that commit genocide. Second defintion to serial killer. Is the pyschological aspect, ie some need for some other gratification other than the killing itself. They usually have a ritual a mode of operandus and can be sociopathic. Under this definitin eileen Warnos would not in my opinion be a serial killer. Not a killing as result of drug addiction, robbery gone wrong or indeed to cover up a sex crime. Serial killers are predatory, pick their victims and cool off between kills. T
  • angel1974 was on the right track, whites tend to be methodical, cold, sadistic and calculating, theirs is usually premeditated, often they have watched and learned a persons patterns and habits of living. It's pretty insane when you think about it, like american psycho, which was not entirely related, but had a lot of similarities to the traits of the typical white, male, serial killer...they get off on it, it's something that is encoded in their DNA...where as blacks are more instinctual and passionate, they kill impulsively, usually without thought or plan, i'll bet a lot of our country's leaders and political figures have some serial killer tendencies...
  • Because women bottle up their emotions. Men express their anger freely, and just kill everyone.
  • I would totally appreciate if someone could correct me for the following; I think it's a cultural thing, related to the pertaining societies. Every man can kill, we all have it in us. But first, there are some differences between the sexes, maybe not that much, but enough to make a significant difference in many things, and as far as ill intent goes, women are just as guilty, however because the thought process which occurs during strong emotional confusion or turmoil is different than that of men, or at least the interpretations are, they do it in a different way, usually through more subtle and socially related actions than the estranged actions of a defined serial killer. It's harder to point out. Second, as for different races, it might depend on their technical evolution and cultural significance, while honour and morality can stem from the same sorta concepts, both are executed in different means. People overseas are slightly more violent than we are, and often, are oppressed by their own government; picking out a guy in a trench coat or someone holding a knife is a lot harder than it is here, especially when their own government are, more often than not, the more bloodthirsty ones. (That often times, no action, or very little, is taken against civilians messing up other civilians doesn't help, either.) This may totally be wrong because if it were that simple, we would know the answer to that question already, but I can't help but to think that these sort of traits are what bamboozles the matter somewhat. Yall can think it's racist and downrate all you want, but I'm totally not going on emotion whatsoever here. And yes, I realize that we're talking about serial killers and the often innate mental disorders they may have, or at least, traumatic experiences which has initiated this condition and behaviour, and not the ability to kill one's fellow man in general, but it stands to point out, perhaps less developed countries have a weaker grasp on psychology, (Russia acknowledged, only last year, depression as a legitimate thing.) and so these people can ''blend'' in more into what is otherwise translated as cultural disposition. :/ Not to mention family matters, and the traditions that separate them; arranged marriages, strict raising of children...maybe folks over there are more resilient to ''trauma'' because it's part of their lives. It is here too, but not openly like it is over there. (It being legal to kill a child in the street if he or she does not respect the choice of spouse chosen by the family, example.) After all, there have been plenty of black serial killers in the history of America, and Canada as well-and yes, even some women too, like that one who murdered several young Jewish boys and made lamp shades outta their skin. :/ The ironic thing I believe, is that to recognize these things it needs to be about as subtle as a sledgehammer, yet what forwards serial killing is totally complex, even considered rare by psychological standards.
  • it's true that most serial killers in the u.s., canada, luxembourg and australia are white, it's definitely not in other asia, africa, and many other parts of the world. obviously, in a country that is 70% to 75% white, you can expect between 70% and 75% of the murderers to be white. actually, the percentage is lower, because blacks murder, including serial murders, at a far highter rate. a better question to ask is why blacks murder so much.
  • Are they? (said while chop chop chopping a slab of red mean in little cubes) I wasn't aware......
  • Nuthin' else tado? ;-)
  • Personally I think it's because females are harder too notice. Most known female serial killers use poison and such too kill instead of elaboratly controlled or just plain violent assaults. Kinda funny though, how most killers are male, but the one with the highest body count I know of, is Elizebeth Bathorey if I spelt that right. She killed over 600 of her own servants cause she enjoyed torture. It was a hobby of hers. Their was even rumours stating she bathed in blood in order too retain her youth.
  • We get bored more easily? lol . I think its due to the higher rate in child abuse inwhite males.
  • most are so tolerant to the point of breaking and that breaking point only seems to get closer when in the midst of adverse social changes, alot of it has to do with the dwindling social structure centered around rejection, they are not born that way simply created by circumstances beyond their control which they have a hard time dealing with hence they crack, there are other factors but this seems to be the general causes the best way to not crack is to move away from the source of the conflict before violence happens because it is seldom directed at those that caused the conflict in the first place .. ~Nemo~
  • they have nothing to identify with. so create their own id
  • I think the recent events in Cleveland Ohio debunks this line of thinking, what with being a black male and killing 10+ people, storing them in his house like Dahmer did, albeit a lot sloppier. It doesn't come down to race, end of story.

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