• Brushing thoroughly and eating.
  • Stuffing a bunch of mints in my mouth before going to sleep and hope that I don't choke at night:)
  • Mouthwash and a thorough brushing of the pearly whites.
  • The basic brushing and flossing regularly seems to do the trick for me.
  • Use baking soda when brushing
  • dont worry everyone has it brush firstly and everything will be fine
  • Don't breathe around anyone else. If no one else is there, no one else will know. Kind of like the old bit about the tree falling in the woods with no one around. Alternately, I find that staying hydrated during the daytime and eating a balanced diet helps prevent diurnal halitosis. :-)
  • Depends. If it's gum disease or digestion-related, see your medical professional. There are chlorophyll capsules you can take as an "internal deodorant". Drink lots of water too. Try brushing/flossing/mouthwash BEFORE bed and breath mints on the nightstand for the morning too.
  • I find that proper digestion, no sour stomach at night and brushing before bed to be good. And I brush my tongue, too.
  • Brushing and flossing before bed, and brushing your teeth and tongue in the morning. Do NOT use harsh mouthwash (ie Listerine) because it contains alcohol and it actually dries your mouth out, dry mouth=bad breath. If your going to use a rinse, try the Crest ProHealth or even better, use ACT fluoride rinse. If you cannot get rid of your bad breath, it may be an underlying medical reason like acid reflux, or even nasal problems.
  • brushing, flossing and rinsing with peroxide
  • Bubble your mouth with water each time after you eat something.
  • Going to sleep with a mouth full of tic-tacs
  • If you ever get a midnight snack, brush your teeth again, or brush your teeth whenever you go to the bathroom, and with more trips to the can, the fresher the breath!
  • brush your tongue with the tooth brush or buy a tongue scrapper & make sure the white coating in your tongue is brushed out. Gargle with certain mouth washes for better result. you will have to do this every night before sleep. this is the cheapest, fastest & most effective way of getting rid of morning breath but of course you'll have to add this into your everyday routine.
  • I'd make sure I didn't eat, a poor diet the night before. I'd also brush, floss, and gargle in the morning.

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