• Depends on what country it's coming from.
  • i usually give the seller around a week or so then i contact them, unless they have specified a longer time scale ofcourse. i have found most items arrive within a week so i send the seller a polite email asking when my item was posted and whether they have obtained proof of postage that "royal mail" provides free of charge. a lot of ebay sellers will get this when they post your item and it has a tracking number that you can trace at royal mail online.
  • I have always found it obnoxious that a seller can DEMAND payment in 3 days(an example)but when it comes to sending an item it seems that for the most part they can take as long as they please. I have had mainly good expirences on ebay...i have only had to email a couple of times...I wait for about 2 weeks before i start wondering.
  • i wanna buy an ipod from the mac official store how long will that take to reach my house
  • No longer than 2 weeks as then you have the option to go through Ebay to claim the loss. It's annoying that sellers want instant payment but then can do what they like about sending the item as their leisure
  • A day or two after I expected and paied for it to be delievererd. What if I wanted it on someones birthday, I'd get annoyed if they didn't order it when they said they would. Plus I'd look like a dumbass

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