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  • Giving head does not require that you put it far enough down your throat to gag. use a combination of your hand and mouth and don't let it go far enough down to gag you, unless you want to learn to deepthroat then you have to learn how to control your gag reflex.
  • Practice practice practice
  • Don't go down so far and use your hand also.
  • i've found that the more you do it, the less sensitive your gag reflex is....
  • just don't put it down your throat and you wont gag.
  • Hi - took me many years and a hard lesson for me to learn that. Please understand that our gag reflex is natural and very much tied into our comfort zone and our perceived well-being. I never got any enjoyment from performing oral so I pretty much always resisted it though I would do it sometimes. So there were no positive feelings leading me to learn more. A few years ago I spent a weekend with three men (and their wives) and they pretty much forced me to take them into my throat one after the other for seemed like hours and I was gagging and retching and crying and almost throwing up but I refused to say the safe word because I guess I wanted them to respect me and I thought OK if other women like doing that then I could learn how too. And finally it was very much a - it was like dissolving enough of my ego in order to get my self to relax enough I could take them in that far. So was like part of me had to die a little first which is what happened. And now I would still rather not do it but I know that when I choose to I am able to relax my throat enough to be able to do that because I have learned how.

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