• I don't know if it was out of guilt, but I cried through pretty much the entire movie.
  • No. I just laughed at the vanity.
  • I did. I couldn't believe that Jesus, the one man who never sinned, who was completely perfect in every way, layed his life down for me, and endured such horrific torture, for this hateful world. It definitly made me want to be a better person.
  • I didn't cry of guilt, i didn't put christ on the cross.
  • No. I did not cry out of guilt; I had nothing to do with his crucifixion.
  • Yes. I was ashamed for mankind and felt guilty for my species.
  • you cried out of guilt? Why? Did YOU kill Jesus, our lord and saviour?
  • No. Christ did nothing for me and I have done nothing against him. It was a film, as simple as that!
  • I did not cry. I did like the movie very much. It moved me.
  • Christ did it not because he wanted us to feel guilty. He did it because he loved us, unconditionally. We should not feel guilty, we should be grateful.
  • The focus of the biblical account is upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The film spent an inordinate amount of time on the physical sufferring of Christ and next to no time on the reality of what was going on. The great sufferrring of Jesus was rejection and the judgement of God on behalf of repentant sinners! The film was hollywood the event was salvation accomplished. The 2 do not mix and so no I did not weep at the film the person of Christ and His sufferring before God on our behalf is what makes me weep after all the cross, it's indignity and pain were to Jesus true joy! See Hebrews 12:2
  • I suppose I was a bit disgusted, just like when I saw Alien or Predator... But that's gore for you. It's utterly absurd to think yourself guilty of doing that to Jesus - it was the now-2'000-year-old Romans who crucified him...
  • I must admit, I shed a tear out of utter boredom.
  • Psh, no. What do you think I am, a baby? I didn't tell him to do nothin'. Besides, I'm a Catholic, and don't tend to get hung up on guilt.
  • No. It was an interesting film, and when we finally saw it, on DVD, we'd heard a lot about it from others. But the Catholic stuff was just way too strong, and I found myself comparing the movie to the actual gospel accounts. The scene where Peter denies Christ, and then is falling down confessing his sin of this to Mary, is blatant Catholic error. Also, the movie has Christ losing so very much blood, and being so weak on the cross, that it must seem natural that He died then due to gradual weakening of life -- but the gospels tell it differently, that even at the very end Christ gave a loud shout, the words "It is Finished!" and that He gave up his spirit (a voluntary act) -- and the movie just did not portray it in this victorious manner.
  • I didn't cry but I liked the movie very much. It was a great movie.
  • I did, but not out of guilt. It was out of commpassion and empathy for the suffering of a truely good man at the hands of a butcher.
  • no, I don't get emotional over bad movies.
  • No. Considering the Christ story, I've always felt that it was a good allegorical commentary on the dark side of human nature, xenophobia, hatred, and greed, and how it often results in people violently rejecting love, compassion, and good ideas, and ultimately hurting our fellow man and ourselves in the process. But I've never taken the story literally, because there's absolutely nothing proven by historical record except that there *May* have once been a man called "Jesus" who tried to teach a philosophy of peace, love, and understanding, and got nailed up on a bit large piece of wood for it. I cry when I think of how many innocent people were killed in the Holocaust, and how many people were sold like livestock and worked to death in times of slavery, and how many people, even now, even in the so called "Civilized" parts of the world, are tortured, oppressed, and killed by their fellow man. But I don't feel a great deal of personal guilt or shame for any of that, only sorrow. The fact that things like that should happen to *Anyone* at the hands of their fellow man makes me sad, whether they happen to be the "Son of God" or not.
  • I still have not seen it.
  • I tried watching it once. I don't know if it was the subtitles or the movie itself, but I was bored to tears after about 10 minutes and didn't watch anymore of it.
  • sorry I didn't and have nothing to feel guilty about and especially anything to do with what happened in the movie
  • I haven't seen it. I opted to read THE BOOK!
  • I cried when it was over because I realized I had spent 127 minutes watching a bad movie and that was 2 hours of my life I was never going to get back.
  • No. I don't believe any of that to be real, nor do I believe it has anything to do with me.
  • I cried but not of guilt. I cried because it was the worst death penatly i have ever heard of in my life. I saw people in the theater getting sick and having heart attacks.

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