• that i made a vampire/werwolf/zompie sim it was werid
  • One time, I bought my sim a toilet that it refused to use. I don't even really know why...
  • i got my teen sim to run away. Mua ha ha ha
  • One of my Sims liked to walk around naked, even out in the yard. That made for some interesting snapshots, especially when other sims noticed her and did the "surprise jump" thing.
  • My sister does: She had two characters, husband Chris and wife Stephanie..... They have had some really weird things happen, but the strangest on many levels was probably the time Chris was abducted by aliens and came back two days later, pregnant..... Chris gave birth to the alien child....
  • My sim started floting around like a ghost but they were still alive that freaked me out!
  • I download clothes and stuff for my sims, so when i went to make her try it on, she appeared with absoultely no body, only a head.
  • One of my female sims married an alien sim and got pregnant with twins, one of the babies came out human and the other one was an alien...also vampire zombies are pretty cool
  • Two things both to do with baths: 1. My sim got out of the bath, changed back into normal clothes, and walked around and had a train of bubbles coming from her buttocks! For about 5 minutes this continued! 2. My sim was having a bath upstairs and my view was of downstairs but for some reason i could see my naked sim on the ceiling, i couldnt see the bath. just the sim, and everything was on show :O lol
  • The dog with the legs coming out of its shoulders! You know what I mean, you were there - it was soo freaky! My Mum getting stuck in the continual loop of never-ending labour was pretty horrendous, too.
  • i had one of my sims invite a npc sim (kennedy love)over, and we he joined my sm in the aspiration hot tub he was naked.
  • Just yesterday as I was playing The Sim's I hired a Garender at about 10pm. The next day when the Gardener arrived she also bought about 20 clones of herself with her. These clones then used everything in my house and even went to sleep in my parents bed and my child's bed. So my Sims had no where to sleep and my pregnant mother was becoming very depressed. I had to wait until they woke up and then dismiss them. It was hard work.
  • yea and one time i bought my sim scientist a telescope, and he WAS ALWAYS On it! hE WOULDENT EVEN TOUCH his chemistry kit! after 2 hours he got abducted by aliens and came back with a alien wife!
  • a baby was crawling around in a resturant, jumped in a booth, then started reading a menu, drinking & talking
  • Yes the wirdest thing every to happen to me was when my sim had a baby that was invisible because i had donwloaded a lot of stuff like the grime reaper and etc and it was from a tenager lol
  • the hair on my female sim stretched suddenly accross the screen and kept kind of flashing, it was at night and i had only a lamp on, it freaked me out because it reminded me of the horror film the grudge and her hair. had to turn the lights on. i think it must have been a hair that i'd downloaded and obviously didnt work properly!
  • i had a baby that was born with an adult body.. of course that was a an error because of all the custom stuff I put there
  • my sim got stuck in the pool and died after 54 days then came alive again. then died from hunger.
  • we should follow the Sims 3 now! have any interesting things happened with your sims?

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