• I live in Alaska, & since I think I know everything, let me help you out. 1st: Salmon lessons. There are 5 kinds of salmon, according to President Bush, 6; he has decided Steelhead Trout is now a Salmon. I'll explain that some other time. Different salmon tastes good for different things- if you eat a lot of it, you'll have preferences. FRESH Pink Alaska Salmon & WILD Pink Alaska Salmon are the SAME thing. Pink is also known as Humpy, because of the hump it develops on it's back after entering fresh water to go upstream to spawn. ~ IF YOU LIVE DOWN SOUTH- LOWER 48- BE CAREFUL.~ Restaurants & stores will lie to you- very few of them don't know & are also lied to- about Salmon. They save $$$ by selling FARMED Salmon (which is not as good) & passing it off as WILD Alaskan. SALMON FARMING IS ILLEGAL IN ALASKA, therefore ALL Alaskan Salmon will be WILD. But- notice the wording here: If a store [or a restaurant] tells you it is FRESH ALASKAN pink- ASK them if it is WILD, and if it is from Alaska. They may tell you fresh and Alaskan- but likely it is flash frozen- good quality nowadays but illegal to SAY fresh if it isn't, to SAY WILD if it isn't, and to SAY Alaskan when it could be FARMED Canadian or Washington State... always ASK. BIG diff. in prices and quiality of WILD & FARMED. Canada farms salmon & the Feds have said the U.S. can do it off our coast too. Our Fishermen are fighting it. AK fisheries are modeled all over the U.S. now, because everyone else has overfished or?? and screwed themselves up so badly, they're nearly out of fish. AK knows what it's doing. The problems are these: Farmed Salmon are confined their entire lives, in cramped, underwater, netted pens on the coast. They are artificially fattened like chicken, get massively infested with & spread sea lice, then escape into the wild to contaminate the Wild Salmon stock. Hungry Seals, Sea lions orca, & ?? tear holes in the nets, & that's how THAT happens. Also, most of the Farmed salmon are Atlantic salmon, so there's another species screwing up our ecosystem. [invasive species, competing for food] Farmed salmon are fed food containing DYE- because their natural flesh color is not appealing- it is not pink, red, or orange, it is GRAY. Farmed salmon is not as nutritious- tests have determined that it lacks much of the Omega Fatty-3 acids (the kind of natural cholesterol-lowering good kind of fat that wild salmon is known for. So farmed fish does ??? for us? Farmed salmon are said to have the usual anti-biotics (to stifle disease & infections?), chemicals, to make them prematurely larger so as to be harvested sooner. I read in our paper last year that they feed CHICKEN to farmed salmon . Chefs all across the country have again been introduced to Wild Alaskan Salmon so they can compare for themselves. We win. Wild is best. wILD Red Alaskan Salmon IS Wild Alaskan Sockeye - just 2 names for the same fish. We like to 'jar'- to can it-- as well as the pink. It is more expensive than the pink because it is more rare & many of us prefer it. Also makes for a FANTASTIC smoked salmon. Pink tastes milder when smoked. I know I went on too long, but now you'll be able to make informed choices... Click the pics to see some GIANT Kings, & others For more info, go see:

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