• I got out of jury duty because I was defending my dissertation. Who know's when my next dissertation will come about?
  • None. I have never been called for duty. My husband, on the other hand, seems to be a favorite of the legal system.
  • I've never been called to jury duty. Knock on wood.
  • I used to my numerous "juy duty"s so much that I can invent irrational excuses to have this burden on my shoulders for ever!
  • I got out of duty for a rape case because my wife was attacked and almost raped just a week before the trial. I told them there's no way I could be unbiased and they let me go.
  • I've got a good one, I'm not a citizen.
  • I have a note from my audiologist saying that I'm to hard of hearing to be able to set the jury duty. Hearing is 60%lose in one ear/15%lose other my hubby says it just gives me selective hearing LOL Hubby has one from our Chiropractor saying he is unable to sit for long periods of time, He had one before that read : as he was one of only two people where he worked and as it took two people to perform the job there, he needed to be excused. and they did for yrs, till new judge came along, didn't like excuse so got new one.
  • I don't use an excuse. I have served on a jury several times and found it very interesting in all but one case. You'd be surpised how interesting it can be.
  • "The defendant lives in my neighborhood."
  • i only had it once. but the case was dismissed for some reason. it was cool b/c i still got paid to go! but i don't think there is an excuse to get out of jury duty, maybe unless there was a death or some kind of serious emergency that you need proof for.
  • I made very animated, profoundly emotional responses on the questionnaire...clearly indicating I had very strong opinions on the issues/questions, yet I remained vague enough that it could not be determined what side I was on. Pretty simple...make it clear you have a strong opinion, but leave enough undefined so that the prosecution and defence have easier prey to pick from to know what they're getting from other potential jurors.
  • "There's so many laws I don't know what is right or wrong anymore!!" Just say this after you get there, make sure you say it loud enough that everyone can hear, and they will disqualify you. Its been done many times i know, for fact. I myself I like jury duty.
  • Hey I WANT to be on this jury!!! I owe that guy money!
  • Why would I want to shirk my civic duty?
  • I just toss them in the trash. If I showed up they would just excuse me because of my occupation. I am supposed to show up but I haven't been caught doing it yet. *Knocks on Wood*
  • I got no brain! lol
  • I can't handle the truth!!
  • I'm self employed. +5
  • dont think they wud cal me ... atleast not in near future... but if they evr do... al i hav to do iz 'be ma-slf'... :D... ha ha ha... peace!!!
  • My age, I was removed because of my age about 10 years ago. Years ago I was on a jury involving child custody. It was not pleasant. I have been called several times but not selected. Once for a DUI but not selected because I do not drink.
  • I was getting ready to take my first trip to NEW YORK........soooo excited, when I got jury duty notice..1st time in my boss said no problem; he wrote them that I was the only one doing word processing for a firm with over a dozen sales reps.....that did the trick!! and besides that, it was true! So if your boss will 'fudge' your job duties a little to make them look 'indispensable',,,,,you're home free!!!

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