• I don't own a Chihuahua, but I own papillons who are of comparable size. My papillons eat a high quality, holistic diet. They each get 1/4 cup in the AM and PM. I would think a Chihuahua would eat around the same. Sometimes you have to try what works best for your dog. Maybe it's too much, maybe it's too little. You will know quickly. I feel 1/2 cup a day is safe for a Chihuahua. Check with your vet too.... they may tell you differently depending on the size of your dog. Good luck!
  • I have two chihuahua's. One who is about two years old and one who is 3 months old and I have food out for them all the time. I actually have like three dishes in my apt for them. They are both lean and go on lots of walks. Then they get the prepared meals with some dry at night.
  • My Chihuahua She Is An Applehead Her Name Is Chanel. Depending On Size And Weight I Would Just Give Her A Bowl Like If She Running Around Outside Or In The House I Would Just Leave The Bowl There And When She Wants To Eat Shell Eat But Im Not Sure How You Do It But Thts How I Feed Chanel She Is About 2 Or 3 Pounds She Is A female. (And A Spoiled Little Brat) Hope Tht Helps. :] You Can Also Check Out My Profile There Is A Pic Of Her On There.
  • i feed a quarter cup in the morning and again at night

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