• I don't know. I'm still deciding.
  • A temper tantrum and I still regret it.
  • I always loved children so I went to college to become a pre school teacher and I love it.
  • Well ever since my father told me that I was dropped off by the whales on the beach for him to take care of... I have always wanted to go and take care of my whales... I have loved them since I was little and hope that some day I will be able to swim with them!!
  • I love working in the medical field. I decided to become a Phlebotomist because I get to hurt people for there own good. JK! I became one because the money was alright and nobody else seems to want to poke people with needles all day, so why not me? Lately though my career took a turn. I am now a stay at home mom and loving every minute of it.
  • When I was back in HS we were not required to take any specific math classes all we needed was 2 years of any math we wanted.(we're talking almost 30 years ago here lol. I took a bookkeeping course and absolutely loved it enough that I took it for the other 3 semesters. That is how I became interested in Becoming an Accountant.
  • I just wanted to be involved in something that I was really interested in.

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