• It's sick, I know, but I like to watch. Needles have never really bothered be, and I prefer to keep an eye on where they're jabbing me.
  • is "bloodwork" code for shooting up?
  • No drawing blood has been done so frequently it does not bother me ar all.
  • No 2 1/2 years ago in the arms were so black and blue from multiple blood tests everyday that they started using my ankles...Then I went to blood tests every week and now I am up to every 2 months...They don't bother me in the least.....
  • After the initial doesn't bother me. If I can't see it, it doesn't hurt as much, though I really don't mind needles. I had rather take a shot than have remember to swallow pills..shots work faster too.
  • I sure do I hate anything that has to do with needles!!!!!!!!!
  • Actually I like to watch. I think it's really cool. I donate whole blood and platelets a lot...that's really awesome. They filter the blood from one arm through a machine that takes out the platelets then the blood goes back into your body through the other arm. It's pretty amazing.
  • I watch when they have stuck me, not as its going in...but I hyperventilated once....and I told the nurse, "OMG I cant breathe", how ridiculous. She had tied a rubber band thing around my arm and made me squeeze a ball, and I couldnt feel my fingers after a while...brrr.
  • No I always have to look, because I'm the one drawing the blood....I'm a Phlebotomist.
    • Linda Joy
      lol and I'm glad you do!!
    • Creamcrackered
      Great answer.
  • it dont bother me
  • I do the same and also with any injections.
  • No, it doesn't bother me anymore. I have to have labs done before each chemo infusion and I used to get them every week. I get them every three weeks now post op.
  • i am the same in this situation, i look away.
  • I have tracks in my arm from doctors and hospitals drawing so much blood. My veins and arteries are getting smaller so it is difficult for them anymore, and that sucks. When you have to do glucose monitoring, being afraid of blood is just bad.
  • I've had enough blood tests that the needle doesn't bother me, but I still usually look away. I did watch recently though and it was a little nauseating to see and feel my life blood literally being drained away. Part of my mind found it interesting at the same time.
  • No I watch, because I don't want to keep being jabbed with it, I feel more in control when I watch, it looks like Ribena going into the tube.
  • I also look away when blood is drawn.
  • No problem looking away. I do it too.

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