• They are forced to leave.
  • they r forced to leave
  • They have to leave on the designated date.
  • I think a lot of them do not want to leave. They may not have any friends or relatives on the outside. When it gets close to being released they will act up and get more prison time. But, after a time or two of doing this, the guards catch on and they are released anyway, thereby ending their free room and board...It didn't work for me, personally. They threw me out into the cold, cold world...
  • They are forced to commit another crime to come back.
  • Prisoners do not have the option of renewing their lease. Another crime will accommodate that goal.
  • I recently read a heartwrenching story about a boy refusing to leave juvenile hall not wanting to go back to his horrible orphanage, even if it meant spending the rest of his life in a small cage. It was maybe 40 years ago but he WAS allowed to stay there.
  • When its time to go, its time to go.
  • Prisoners are definitley forced to leave. Charles Manson tried to stay in prison in the mid-sixties. He told the guards that he couldn't deal with the people on the outside. Institutional life is all a lot of people know.
  • Forced to leave, I've heard that some bumbs will go & do something stupid just to get arrested, locked up & back in there so they can have a place to eat & sleep.
  • I'm pretty sure they get thrown out. We already have a problem with overcrowding in jails, I don't think officials would make the matter worse by letting prisoners make the choice of staying or going.
  • well if they refuse to go they will have to go.. at best what they can do is to commit another crime to come back...
  • Nope they have to go. Haven't you ever seen Shawshenk Redemption?
  • They cannot refuse to leave. Except for short term sentences, prisoners rarely are released straight from prison into the general free population. Instead, they are transitioned into lest restrictive quarters (i.e. a prison camp), then later to a halfway house, and then to full release. This progression allows inmates to transition to free life. However, many inmates do become institutionalized, and commit another crime simply to be sent back to jail.
  • Why in thee blue hell would you want to stay in prison? I've been there. Not a day went by, where I wasn't counting the days to go home.
  • Punch the gaurd and see if you get sent back :)
  • They're made to leave. Once your time is done, it's done. The problem is that so many prisoners have been in prison so long they don't want to re-join society.
  • I think everybody answered this one accordingly, I was in there and I can understand on a rare occasion why some would come back. Long story short, I knew a guy while in prison who was released after many years, but had no job, no home, no money and was on parole. His home was actually in Texas, but was arrested in NC, so that was also where he was released. With no job, money or place to stay, and on parole, he believed he had no real options (whether you agree with that is not for debate). He felt that it was better to just violate parole and go back to prison and finish his term, because at least he had a place to live. People often forget that a some inmates that had nothing to go back to has already made prison his home.
  • They have to leave. I had a guy years ago who tried to rob a convenient store. Had his finger in his jacket pocket to pretend he had a gun. We were pulling in to the convenient store for our shift change coffee as he was heading out the other door. After we caught him, he said that he had just gotten out of prison 3 days earlier after doing 10 years for robbing the same place 10 years ago. Said if he stayed out, he'd end up hooked on drugs or dead. So, we accommodated him and sent him back. Nicest guy in the world and I felt bad for him. But, there's better ways to help yourself than robbing a store, so I didn't feel too bad for him. He just keeps making bad life choices.

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