• I'd like to think so.
  • I might be if there were something for me to be Elite at/about! I'm not an Elite anything, that I can think of!
  • No bona fide Elitist Snob will ever admit to if anyone answers in the affirmative, you can be sure it is a "wannabe", and not the real thing! :)
  • I would like to condescend to answer this rather silly query, but it is beneath me to do so, sorry!
  • I hate to admit it, but I am just a little bit of an elitist HOWEVER, it's only in the one concentrated area of my professional life in which I am considered something of an expert. OK and maybe on the subway where, most days, I am the best smelling person.
  • wrong side of the tracks, bud.
  • Just another one of the 'unwashed masses' here.
  • No. Never have been, never would be. Then again, I'm not what you would consider "an elitist".
  • No, I'm not an elitist snob. I'm just a snob JK!
  • Me? Why I'm too arrogant, vain, and narcissistic to be either an elitist or a snob.
  • But of course I am.// (yea right ! )
  • Yeah. Although the north east of England does tend to be one of the most deprived areas of the country, there are pockets of affluence. Basically, you have people in Thornaby (TS17) who want to move somewhere nicer. Some of them make it to Ingleby Barwick, a recent massive development of land (the largest in Europe in fact!), who then put their address as Ingleby Barwick, Yarm. Yarm is a town a few miles south west of Thornaby. The people of Yarm take great offence at this, because Yarm is TS15 and, to be blunt, well off. Ingleby Barwick is TS17. So, they *should* write Ingleby Barwick, Thornaby. But, try telling this to an Ingleby Barwickian, who insist they are residents of Ingleby Bariwck, Yarm. Now, the houses in Ingleby Barwick are, to be fair, quite nice. But it's not Yarm standards. You don't see many Porsches and never Ferraris in Ingleby. Yarm, incidentally, was voted as the town with the best high street in all of England last year. And then, to complicate things, there is a sub-hierarchy once you get into the echelons of Yarm residences. For there are certain areas, and several particular streets, which are considered the best of the best. A bit like Top Gun. So, Layfield is basic Yarm, Levendale is a bit nicer, Leven Park is nicer still. But if you really have the money, you live on one of two streets - Leven Road or Valley Drive. And, just for your information, we moved November 2006, out of Valley Drive. To a village called Low Worsall. Which, in the local hierarchy, is just above Heaven. So yes, I am a bit of a snob.
  • a bit at times, when it comes to books and music. but, really only to the band or writer, not the listener or reader. (Unless they come out with, like, 'K-Fed is my absolute favorite!' then I might laugh at them a little bit.)
  • No. I consider elitist snobs unworthy and I look down upon them....:-D.... . . .
  • Not that i know, but some might disagree.
  • How dare a lowly plebeian question my rights to wealth or power.
  • Isn't it obvious? ^masturbates to John Cale^

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