• $0 per hour on the low end. The highest I have ever heard of for an hourly attorney is $1200 per hour. Most big firms charge $250-350 per hour for young associates, and they pay the associates $100k - $150k per year. Contingency attorneys, on the other hand, can get paid a lot more, but they also can lose a lot. I know of an attorney that made $2 million in 45 minutes. Of course, there are many other cases where he probably spent thousands and got nothing. Thus, the short answer is: it varies.
  • an average lawyer in USA will be at least get like 12$ a hour if he is well known the price may get high and it can reach up to 2500$ a hour
  • Big firms now start their associates at 165k per year, plus bonus. If there is a lawyer making $12 an hour, he should just give up and go work at In 'n Out Burger. The pay is the same, and the working conditions are better.
  • 2 pints of blood and a piece of your soul.

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