• I have been to both and I did win. It wasnt a lot, as a matter of fact I dont even remember how much I won.
  • OTB, baby! Yes, actually, most of the time I did win. For knowing very little about horses, I sure could handicap a race in 2 minutes flat. The trick was only take x amount of money, if I lost it all, that was it for the day. :)
  • I have been to the local track several times and can honestly say that I have never ever won a single bet.
  • Nope, no gambling for me. I try to keep my life simple and uncomplicated. I saw a guy tonight with a bunch of scratch off tickets from the supermarket rubbing them off on the top of a trash can.
  • Yes, although I'm not fond of gambling(cuz I always lose)an ex girlfriend dragged me to two dog parks, where I proceeded to flush cash into the sewer.
  • Not formally. I used to with my friends during my school days. It was amazing. I was correct about the 3 triple crown races for over 12 years! Even some long shots. Then once I lost a race, it was hit and miss. I never again had such a good run of accurate wins.
  • Yes, I go to the horse tracks every so often. I usually do OK. I've won in the past, lost what I brought to lose, and broke even on more than one occasion. I've never won a lot, but if I can bet all day and only lose what I brought and am still able to eat and drink all day and have a good time, that's what it's all about.
  • A dog race and didnt win at the greyhound track only $5.00 and lost.Im not a gambler.The odds of winning are really slim.
  • Horse racing, many years ago at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I did OK, not great. I had friends who really studied the horses and thought they could pick all the winners. Didn't always work for them.
  • I have never "went" anywhere, however I have GONE places on occasion. The only bets I have ever made on horse races have always been made online though, so did involve going anywhere. There have been very few of them, largely because I have rarely won... I prefer to gamble on things where I have some chance to influence the outcome, but horse races have always seemed too unpredictable to appeal to me. I guess this means I am not a natural gambler, even though I do gamble more than most people.
  • I went to the horse races once and bet on a horse because it was wearing a purple saddle blanket. It won. I think I won about $80.
  • I was just reminded that it's time to get Blank's questions back on the front page.
  • I was just reminded that it's time to put Blank's questions back on the front page.
  • OMG I LOVE THE TRACK! And yes I win often
  • Yep, I was told to bet the #6 horse in the 3rd race and when I got to the window I bet #3 horse to place in the 3rd, 5th and 6th race. I really did not know what I was doing. Also bet in a daily double and won...dumb luck. 680.00 back in 1978 No wins since
  • Both,yes
  • To put it bluntly I win more than I lose, but I do work in the industry (Horse Racing), so I suppose that helps.
  • I bet all the time thats what I do for a living,I won £580 yesterday.And, well I wont tell you what I won today.Just remember if you do bet you can lose your money.And get yourself a good system,that will help.
  • This happened when i was 18 . I played the trotters and otb had this special bet caled double exactas you have to catch 2 exactas 1 in two different tracks. bet cost only $2. So I made my father place the bet, Then i changed my mind and wanted to cancel the bet . He offered to buy the ticket from me but i refused and he went back and cancelled it. That night it came out and paid 20,000. I i am to this day still cursing myself over a two dollar bet.. Fox700

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