• It leads to dancing.
  • Historically, it was part of the man's legal rights over his wife. That is no longer the case (at least not in most developed & "civilized" countries). However, the real importance of it depends on the age of the couple and the stage of their marriage. It first plays a role in attraction - it answers questions of compatibility. It helps to release chemicals in the brain. The chemicals in the mans brain make him feel powerful and satisfied. The chemicals in the womans brain make her feel affectionate towards the man. Later, it plays a role in the continuation and renewal of intimate bonding. It can help keep a couple feeling close emotionally. It can provide stress relief and short term reprieve from the pressures of the world. It affords a safe haven where the couple can truly be the only two people in their focus. It is neccessary for the procreation of the species - ya gotta have sex if you want to make babies. Later in life, as the sex drive begins to wind down, the importance of sex begins to wane. But, even then, it can continue to reaffirm intimacy and bonding, it can help older couples feel vitality and value. Why do you think Viagra is such a big seller? None of this is to say that a couple that, for medical reasons, can not or does not have regular sexual intercourse can not be happily married. But it is not the norm. Normal, happy, healthy, well-adjusted couples who are in love with one another need regular sexual intercourse, with each other, to continue maintaining the balance.
  • For me personally its a bond of love between myself and my husband and for me reinforses the love we have for each other....oh and i like it.
  • Alright for the first couple of years !!
  • It's Gods way of strengthening the bond between a husband and a wife. It is a natural expression of their love and life long comittment to each other and helps to strengthen their love.
  • Having kids... and great fun from what I remember! ;)
  • Intimacy for me. Soul touching.
  • Actually intercourse has very little to do with marriage. Intercourse is a biological function of the body. Sex is neither moral or immoral. Love is an emotion. In marriage the emotion of love between two people is and should be expressed in coitus. It has importance because of the intament sharing between two humans.

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