• Australia has engaged in a number of conflicts and declared wars. The internal struggles for power between native and settler aside, the first major conflict for the Australians outside Australia was the deployment of Australian troops as part of a colonial detachment bound for the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. They did not arrive in time to see action. The Australians then preceded to engage in a number of colonial actions during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. However, their fame as soldiers was probably earned during the twentieth century. Australian forces fought in the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945), The Korean Conflict (1950-1953), and the Vietnam Conflict (1961-1975). Australian troops also took part in the Malyasia conflicts (1948-1960), were largely responsible for silencing the Iraqi SCUD batteries during the First Gulf Conflict (1990-1991), and are active participants in the current Afghani Conflict (2001-Present), and the Second Gulf Conflict (2003-Present). Australian troops continue to take part in "low intensity" and "black ops" type actions in a number of regions, although very little is known about them. The Australian SAS is particularly well regarded for its professionalism and near invisibility. The Vietnamese called the SAS, "Ghosts of the Jungle". Most of Australia's military operations have been fairly successful, but the Australian armed forces rarely recieve credit for them. The New Guinea Campaign of 1942-1944 was undoubtedly won with Australian blood, the First Gulf Conflict could not have been successfully won without the actions of Australian commandos behind enemy lines, etc. Probably the most famous mis-use of Australian troops was the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915, which resulted in thousands of Australian and New Zealander losses in an extremely poorly planned amphibious invasion of the Ottoman Empire. There's a lot more interesting stuff involving Australian troops, but that goes beyond the bredth of your question.
  • I was going to say exactly what Archaeologist has said! He's quite right and correct on all points - so I have no need to add anything - except I think he gave a very helpful answer. Cheers.
  • I realise that this is a very old question, but I just saw it listed as a similar question to one that I have just answered and couldn't resist looking to see what answers were received because it is among the most insulting questions to an entire nation I have seen on this site. I think we would all count World War I and World War II as major wars, and Australia and New Zealand were involved from the outset, which, in the case of the country of the person asking the question was several years earlier than that country was.
  • I agree with every thing that 'archaeologist' stated ...and I think you will find that Australia has lost more men/women in wars per million of population than any other country ...even the 'Gurkha's' took their hats of to Aussie soldiers and said they would rather have them fighting along side of them than any other soldier in the world ...even the Yanks have admited that our SAS are the best
  • ummm yeah, if world wars 1 and 2 count. Australia was there fighting while America was taking its own sweet time. i find this question quite disrespectful to my country.
  • Australia played a very large part in both World War l and World War ll. They fought in both wars with great valour from the outset.
  • Wow! I have to admit to surprise at this question by our foremost ABer. The answer, of course, is YES.
  • we have the ANZACs, which means we've probably been in some wars over the years!
  • A total insult to our nation - typical American question. One day I hope that Americans will look outside their own boundaries and learn that they are not the greatest nation on earth.
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      Yes we are. Fuck Yeah!

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