• Yes, you should moisturize after using a decent brand cleanser. You can balance out your skin's oil production by first cleansing it, then applying a moisturizer. Without the moisturizer, your skin will actually produce more oil as a natural moisturizer. The problem with that is your skin's natural oil collects dirt and clogs your pores. High quality moisturizers are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog your pores.
  • Yes, you would. My skin isn't SUPER oily, but when I don't moisturize my skin gets dried out and I tend to break out more often. It is because the body naturally creates oils due to the lack of moisture on your face. I would also recommend using an exfoliator beforehand if you can, to wash away any excess oil, makeup, etc. And if you're a man, shaving daily or every other day is a good way to peel the dead skin off of your face so that your skin continues to look healthy. =)
  • I know it sounds weird, but sometimes oily skin is actually caused by dry skin. Your skin dries out and tries to moisturize itself by secreting oils. Even if this is not the case, you should use an OIL FREE moisturizer, and you'll want a quality one, and one made especially for your face, of course. An acne-fighting moisturizer is usually safe, even if you don't have an acne problem. I have oily skin too, and this is what I use: I wash with a Biore cleanser, then moisturize with St. Ives Collogen Elastin facial moisturizer, which has never made my skin oily. If I feel like there is some residue left over from the moissturizer before I go to sleep (oil+pillow=zits!) I swipe some Olay "refreshing toner" over my face with a cotton pad, which gets rid of all oil, and makes my skin feel really soft, but doesn't dry it out. Hope this helps!
  • i have oily skin, and used to break out all the time. Ive learnt the hard way how to manage my skin! wash it with a non-soap face wash (some people say exfoliate, but this always makes me get spots so i dont do it too often) like Simple. and ALWAYS wash it with the coldest water yo can, i always used to use warm water but since ive stopped my skin is much better. moisturiser is so important after washing. ive tried lots of different brands that advertise to be oil-free and even prescription ones. sounds crazy, but the best moisturiser for me is the St Tropez body moisturiser. I descovered it accidently, but it works wonders and has never given me a spot. then use some make up to cove any scars or anything.
  • cleanse with apple cider vinegar and water one part vinegar 3 Parts water twice a day.

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