• This sounds like an eye infection. I've had them, and my dog had it once. You should probably take the dog to the vet to confirm, because if it is, you'll need antibiotic eye drops. In any case, it sounds like something wrong with the eye and it should be checked. In the meantime, try a warm (not hot), moist compress to soak it open. Then you can see if the eye lids (or fat pad/3rd eye lid) are red and inflamed. If so, it's probably an infection. Eye drops are not expensive - better than letting the infection spread. For the warm compress, try using an old, clean, soft washcloth or towel, run it under warm water, and gently hold it against the eye. May take several applications. Be sure to wash the compress in hot soapy water when you are done, and wash your hands thoroughly. If it's an infection, you don't want to spread it.
  • It sounds like a trip to the vet is needed. An infection that is not treated could damage the dog's eyesight.
  • sounds like conjunctivitis. used to get it all the time as a kid. nothing to worry about :-)
  • You need to take your dog to the VET ASAP. This could be a Viral,or a Bacterial infection. It could also be a Foxtail, (if they grow in your area). It could be some other type of debris, or "sticker," it could be that the dog came into contact with a chemical...lawn, garden treatments, household cleaners, new carpet, or even something you normally use on your body...a soap, bo juice, fragrance, powder... If it is a have a big problem that needs a Vet's ability to diagnose and REMOVE IT asap. Foxtails travel in ONE direction only...the one that the point is facing...they are both annoying and dangerous to dogs. Please call your Vet so someone who can actually SEE the problem can properly take care of it. Your dog may or may not be whining about this, but I can assure you, THE DOG IS NOT COMFORTABLE RIGHT NOW.
  • Define matted in this context? I've only ever heard that in regards to fur, so I'm having a hard time picturing this. but either way, call a vet. home remedies in this case are only a stop-gap.
  • maybe you should take your dog to the vet

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