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  • Silly you! You're young. Not all of us find love that early! ^.^ I know many people, older than you even, who haven't had a serious relationship yet, some who've never even had a relationship period! Hold on, one'll be there.
  • I have. I have my periods of lonliness where i feel i might not find a strong love like before. But it's cliche but you're still young. So am I. Enjoy it because with a serious relationship comes serious love and serious pain.
  • nope I'm looking for my like 27th special someone. Don't worry your special someone is out there looking for you, you will find eachother when the time is right.(unless one of you dies, then I don't know what happens).
  • I was married at 19 and if I had it to do over again I would rather be in your shoes. You are still very young. I wouldn't worry about serious relationships just yet.
  • Yes. It just didn't happen. Hopefully in the future I will./
  • Blueeyes I agree with someone. I truly believe in my heart that there is at least one someone for everyone. It will dcome in time. Don't be in a rush. If you are in a rush you might pass by him/her and not even realize it. Before my last relationship I was in 2 prior ones I was married to someone I thought I loved but realized after almost 11 years and her cheating on me that I was mixing up the need to have someone in my life with love. Same in the second relationship whcih lasted about 4 years til I realized she had some serious trust issues. The last was the best. I was friends with her for a year before we took it to a romantic relationship. I have never felt so loved or loved so hard in my whole life. It was the best and it lasted for nearly 2 years til she was taken from me too soon in life. I will forever treasure the memories of our love and can't wait til the day I can hold her im my arms once again hopefully this time for eternity. Good luck I know you will find a guy/girl to love sooner or later if you just have a little patience and faith.
  • Don't worry about it, Blue! You are still VERY young. It will happen for you. Personally, I think no one should get serious until they are, at least, around 25 or so. That way, they've had some time to see other relationships, date a few people, learn some of the little things that make relationships work. Be patient and take advantage of being single right now. I dated until I was around 18-19, then took a year off to work and buy some things. Of course, in that period of time, I had more offers than I've ever had in my life, (before, or after). I think it happens most of the time, when you don't expect it. Don't worry, you've got plenty of time! And, please don't latch onto the 1st one that comes along, (unless he/she is VERY rich and head over heels in love with you).
  • People hit their strides at different times in their lives. You'll hit yours one day.
  • You aren't going to like my answer, but here it is: Good for you for not getting tangled up with some young lad. You haven't yet had a big heartbreak, and you have time to get your life on a positive, independent and strong start. At 19, you could really hinder your explosion into adulthood and a great start into the rest of your life. Don't let a man complicate your life until you are 23. 30 if you can wait. Don't worry though. A relationship will just happen when you least expect it.
  • My best friend is in the same situation. Actualy she's NEVER been in any relationship. Anyway, I think people are only able to get into SERIOUS relationships when they have completely foud themselves, when they truly love themselves, and when they are satisfiead with life. That's how it was for me and immediately after these realizations, I get into the an awsome relatioship. Just remember: There is some one out there for everyone.
  • I know you will find what you are looking for. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself and be open to what life has to offer.
  • Sounds like you are too much idealizing what you want in a relationship. They require work and a someone becomes special because you make them so.

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